Internet’s Impact on Children

4 April 2015
A paper which discusses why minors should be protected from the evils circulating on the Net.

A paper which discusses the evils of the Internet and its impact on minors. The Internet is fast becoming a very powerful medium, which is being used for a wide variety of purposes, but there are some serious issues related to internet access, such as pornography and child predators. This paper addresses these issues and others.
Apart from pornographic material being available to minors, there are some other harmful activities, which can become famous among young children due to Internet. For example many people are of the view that children would be able to able cigarettes over the Internet while underage smoking is banned in the country. They feel that due to the Internet’s inability to find out the true age of the consumers, children can indulge in some harmful activities such as smoking and drinking. A survey was conducted among college students to find out if they ever bought alcohol from the Internet sites. While 100 percent of the females said they had never bought alcohol over the Net and 5 percent of male students admitted to have purchased alcohol on the Internet. 36 percent of the males said they had not been asked for an I.D. when buying age-restricted material on the Net. But they majority agreed to have purchased some adult material from the Net, which raises the question of safety for children again. Is it possible for children and teenagers to buy age-restricted material on the Net?

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