Internship Report on Nestle

3 March 2017

It became ‘Kit Kat’ in 1937, two years before the Second World War. Within two years of launch Kit Kat was established as Rowntree’s leading product, a position that it has maintained ever since. During the Second World War Rowntree Kit Kat was seen as a valuable wartime food and advertising described the brand as ‘What active people need’. For most of its life Rowntree Kit Kat has appeared in the well-known red and white wrapper. It did, however, change to a blue wrapper in 1945, when it was produced with a plain chocolate covering due to a shortage of milk following the war.

This blue packaging was withdrawn in 1947 when the standard milk chocolate Kit Kat was reintroduced. Polo and Fox candies are also well known and favorite products for refreshment. In Pakistan, Polo is now being imported from china after one year gap. Nestle Pakistan is producing Polo in china with lighter weight than before. Fox candies are available in six different flavors, from which Nestle fruit Fox is the most saleable and demanding candy.

Nestle means ‘little nest’ in Swiss German. Nestle first customer was a premature infant who could tolerate neither his mother’s milk nor any other conventional substitute. Thus, Henri’s ultimate goal was to help fight the problem of infant mortality due to malnutrition for which he developed a product combining various cow’s milk, wheat flour and sugar and name it Farine Lactee Nestle, which was the first product of Nestle being marketed in Europe. In 1974, Jules Monnerat purchased Nestle and collectively they launched a condensed milk product of its own.

In 1905, Nestle got merged with Anglo-Swiss condensed milk. After some time, when Nestle got fully established and all its operation were properly functioning in Europe and was gaining fame around Europe, then Nestle decided to set up production plants around the globe to ensure the growth of the organization and to become multinational. The decision to set up industrial operation in new market needs a lot of research, as there are various factors that effect the growth of the organization and turns out to be a loss for the company.

Such factors are as follows ? The availability of raw material ? Cost factor ? Economic climate ? Consumer purchasing power ? Consumer tastes The decision to become multinational turned fruitful for Nestle and today Nestle has its own operations and products in America, England, India, Brazil, Australia, Pakistan, Hungary, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and various other countries around the globe.

The history of Nestle includes the development of many different products as well as acquisitions, mergers and the purchasing of shares in companies, mainly abroad. Over the course of the years, this enabled it to broaden its range of products and diversify its operations, while at the same time strengthening the economic foundations of the company. Amongst the most important acquisitions were Carnation in Los Angeles (milk, culinary products and pet foods) and more recently Rowntree Mackintosh in York (chocolate and confectionery), Buitoni in Perugia (pasta) as well as Perrier in France(mineral water).

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