Internship report outline

8 August 2016

Executive Summary (Describe where your internship was carried out shortly (company, department, location, etc. ). Summarize your internship goals, activities, and accomplishments. In addition, describe the key learning from your internship (both personal and professional)). Table of Contents Table of Figures/Tables I. Overview of Internship a. Student name, ID, program & specialization, telephone, email. b. Internship dates/Period c. Internship company name, department/division, address, contact numbers, e-mail d.

Internship company supervisor’s name and position e. Internship objectives f. Job scope – Job description/duties & responsibilities (intro) g. Student’s contribution to the company h. Benefits to the individual/Student i. Student’s career interest(s) j. Problems and difficulties if any faced during the internship period k. Recommendations and suggestions (Analyze your performance during the internship. What are your three primary strengths? Give examples of what you did well. What are three areas that you would like to improve?

Internship report outline Essay Example

Give examples of what you would do differently. Ask your company supervisor for input on this aspect of the report. ) II. Organization Part (on overall issues about the organization, its legal status, organizational structure, character of business activities, list of the main business operations; character of works, performed directly by the student during the internship, explain how the work done during the internship relates to your major or to your career objectives) a. Introduction (Objective, methodology, scope, limitation) b. Overview of the Company c. Management Issues d. Marketing Issues e. Finance/Accounting Issues f. Operations Management and Information System Issues g. Industry and Competitive Analysis (SWOT, market dynamics, competitive dynamics) h. Observations/Findings i. Summary and Conclusions j. Recommendations III. Project Part (on a particular issue – a topic preferably related to student’s major and internship/work) a. Introduction (background, objective, significance of the issue) b.

Methodology c. Findings and Analysis d. Summary and Conclusions e. Recommendations References Bibliography (List the books, articles, websites that are referred if any) Appendices (Tables, maps, government reports, conversions if any) Required size of the MBA Internship Report – not less than 25 pages without appendices, 1. 5 space, 12 font, Times New Roman Required size of the BSc Internship Report – not less than 15 pages without appendices, 1. 5 space, 12 font, Times New Roman

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