Interoperability Ehr System

1 January 2017

There is going to be more accurate and accessible patient information saved in the systems. A lot of medical offices are implementing an EHR system due to the federal government initiatives. With the EHR many physicians can link and cross treat patients, while the EHR system will be used as a bridge technology while implementing quality care throughout the systems. EHR is intended to ensure patient safety and quality of care.

Accuracy is a key and Interoperability is a complex concept with a simple end goal: creating better health for individuals, communities, nations and the world. Interoperability should be treated as a direction rather than as the end point. The hospital needs to plan to be interoperable with existing systems and with future acquisitions. The EHR system saves money and ensures patient safety improvement in medical offices. Interoperability represents the future of healthcare.

From enabling easier data exchange to improving patient care, hospitals, IDNs, RHIOs, laboratories, pharmacies and others across the healthcare ecosystem must work together to establish and enforce the standards and privacy provisions necessary to succeed.

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(Initiatesystems. com) many healthcare staff who discusses interoperability does so in terms of eventually enabling health information exchange within a RHIO before CIOs freely share their patients’ data, they must ensure that the data remains secure and the facility remains compliant with HIPAA and other regulations.

Interoperability is very critical to integrating data from disparate systems to support EHR’s. The migration path is very important in the EHR acquisition. It is getting clinicians to perform data entry and building and achieving adoption of clinical decision support systems. (Latour, 2009) While you construct a migration path, identifying applications, technology, and operational elements all lead to a successful adoption of HIT .

Once you have a migration path in place you start seeing what and how the data is transferring through the systems and cloud. The migration path is important in ensuring the vision statements of the healthcare facility. Sometimes the migration paths often begin with the challenge of interfacing source systems (Latour, 2009). Once they are interfaced everything flows perfectly. If you were the CIO of this organization, what issues would you need to consider before putting the hospital on a path to interoperability?

As CIO of an organization I would need to consider that the hospital staff will not be able to view the archived records through the EHR system. One of the first challenges is to determine what information will be shared and how to present that information. Then the CIO will need to consider the important security decision that must be made about who owns the data, which has the responsibility of protecting it, how the data is going to be managed within the RHIO, and who has access to all or some of the information. (Intiatesystems. om)

The staff would be able to view it through workstations in physician’s offices are other designated areas that have access to the web portal The CIO would need to consider that the LIS is interfaced with the HIS so that laboratory results can be viewed from it (Latour, 2009). The CIO should know that the hospital not only has the EHR and small and independent systems that they would have to interface with the practice management system and when you all go there with the computers. The CIO would need to know that the physicians are starting to use the e-scripts and other patient safety gadgets on the computer.

I would focus on security features of the EHR system. I would evaluate what it is doing and how that compares to the goals we set. Is it performing to what and how it is suppose to perform. Would everyone have access to every file or patient record? What is the migration path and how are we going to enforce what needs to take place. Today’s world in Health care Electronic health records are being utilized in every office. With that utilization of the electronic health records from your staff and physicians and patients, the reduction in mis-diagnoses is continuing to decrease as the years pass.

Some would say that EHR is a continual migration path sometimes dictated by internal organizational issues. (Latour, 2009) A CIO would need to research and evaluate every option for her hospital staff. The hospital would do great to join the newly HIR organization to extend its ability to care for patients across the continuum of care (Latour, 2005) The whole purpose of the EHR system is to provide quality care by providing care to patients ensuring accuracy, comprehensiveness, data integrity, data security, and decreased medical errors within the patients chart and clinical side.

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