Intership Report

2 February 2017

The following report is an overview of the different types of work done by the author during the internship and the outcome that the author gained from doing the work from the internship program as a part of the component from the Bachelor Of Degree for Engineering Program. The report consist of all the different types of work done throughout the internship that written in a progression report form. It consist of Introduction, Company background, job description, overall report of what has been done throughout the internship, machine maintenance, experience gained, recommendation on the internship program and conclusion.Each student are required to undergo 16 weeks of industrial training to gain more knowledge on their soft skills and practical skills in real industries as a part of the curriculum requirements of the engineering program.

Therefore, author has undergo training at the company called Exis Tech Sdn Bhd that is located in Seremban Jaya,Negeri Sembilan. The company does manufacturing and assembling of High Speed test handler machines for semiconductor and automotive line.During the training period the author has learned about assembling different types of modules such as pusher head, pickup head, retainer head, support test, rotary, knocker, reject tube, check presence and the author also does soldering for the electrical part of the modules. Other than that, the author also did some work at the warehouse of the company to sort out all the modules according to the part number assigned for the modules and as the company is preparing for the ISO visit, the author also did some filing work to sort out all the relevant documents in a series of files. . Introduction Internship training scheme was introduced and approved by INTI International University, Malaysia. Internship training is set as a compulsory subject for all the students under the INTI internship training unit.

Intership Report Essay Example

Internship training is best known as industrial training as all the INTI students are sent to a firm relevant to their studying field for four months and the choice of the company can be made by the students themselves or will be made by INTI if they can’t find a firm to work with within a given period of time by the internship training unit.The purpose of the internship training is to make sure that the students of INTI University are versatile to compete with the current technologies and skills that are implemented into the area of their respected jobs that they are actually studying. By sending the students for on job training, they also can acquire skills independently or under supervision as mentioned in the respective course contents. The internship program is set as a mandatory for all the student that are obtaining their certificate or Degree in a course of study at the INTI International University.The vision that INTI constantly working towards is to generate students as a semi-professional and teach them all the latest technology that is implemented in the current industries. Internship training gives me a experience in terms of working environment and lifestyle after studies. In additional, it also increases my interest and awareness on the real working environment.

As a trainee, I have learned and experienced much more new thing that is not learned or seen in the University.

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