Interview Project

12 December 2017

The reason why I thought he would be a perfect person to Interview Is because my goal Is to be a FBI agent after I graduate and have experience being a police officer. Much Like Special Agent Tomlinson, I plan to get my associates degree In criminal Justice and become a police officer. When I get some experience I hope to also become a S.

W. A. T. Team member. I believe that after at least three years of being a police officer I will have enough experience to apply for the FBI Before and even more so after my interview with Special AgentTomlinson, I did some research on being an FBI agent and also a police officer. What I found out about being a police officer I mostly already knew, but the things I learned about becoming and being a FBI agent really amazed me. First, being a police officer is a very rewarding career, when you are a police officer you deal with your community, county or state.

Interview Project Essay Example

When you are a town cop you Interact with the community you work In. If your work in a smaller community then you will probably be able to get to know people by their names and Interact more and have conversations with.As a sheriff you would be able to have the same but you would patrol more than Just one town, so that gives you even more of a chance to get to know people from a different community. As a state trooper you wont have as much of the personal connection with a certain community. More than likely you will be on the interstates and state highways, not in a community getting to know people. Now as a FBI agent you deal more with the blue-collar crimes and the national crimes. A good example of this is a personal experience Special Agent Tomlinson shared with me.

He told me that his most memorable case was one in which he and is team where trying to catch a drug dealer who lived in the United States. Mr.. Tomlinson explained that he had to fly to California and Mexico in order to gather information for the case that he was conducting. After they got all the evidence needed he and his team arrested the man and sent him to prison. Becoming a FBI agent Is not an easy task, there are a lot of steps Involved so you have to be committed If It Is the path you would Like to choose.First of all you have to have at least four years of college in certain areas (technical degrees are an increasing career here years of career experience at one Job.

After you have those requirements you can apply for a position in the FBI If they decide that you could be an essential part of the FBI then you will have to pass a detailed back-round check included criminal back-round, credit check, experience and drugs. During the back-round check they will also interview your family and friends and even people that would most likely not say only good things about you.The reason they do this is to see what kind of person you are and if you can be trusted. After that step they will give you a polygraph test o see how truthful you are, and again if you can be trusted. Even if you pass all of these steps there is still the physical, oral and written test. Now if you pass all these test to this point then they will let you know when you will go to the FBI academy and start your intensive training. About six weeks into the academy they will let you know where you will be located after you graduate.

You don’t really have much say in where you will be located. You can put in a request but if you are not needed in the area you ask for you will not be located there. After you graduate the academy you ill then be a “Special Agent”, all FBI agent have the title of special agent because each one has a special background in a certain field. In conclusion, I learned a lot about becoming an agent from my research and also from my interview with Special Agent Craig Tomlinson. This project did not deter me in any way from the goal that I already set, it made me want it more.I see now that there are more challenges than I thought to become an agent, but that is why the FBI is an elite group and why I would love to be a FBI agent. References The Federal Bureau of Investigations website www.

Bi. Gob Special Agent Craig Tomlinson with the federal bureau of Investigation Waterloo, Iowa Appendix 1 . How many years of service do you have? From “l have been an agent for 14 years, I have been in law enforcement for a total of 27 years. ” 2. What made you want to become a FBI agent? “Well I have been a deputy police officer and I have been on the S.W. A.

T. Team so I just wanted to step it up and go farther with my career” 3. Do you have any background in the military? “No I don’t, no military’ 4. Does everyone that wants to be in the FBI have to go to Quantico, Virginia for raining? Miss, for 21 weeks. After you are there for six weeks then they will let you know where you will be placed” 5. Did you have any say in where you where assigned? “No, I’m originally from Florida. My wife and I never even heard of waterloo, Iowa that wants to be a FBI agent know if they could be one? Well you have to have a four year degree, and three years at a single Job, it could be at Wall-Mart or a gas station, it doesn’t matter as long as its three years.

It also helped if you know a foreign language, there are (FBI) offices all over the world so knowing a foreign engage could help you get to a different country even. I mean it takes $75,000 to hire a new agent, so the FBI won’t hire Just anybody. 7. What is it like being an agent? “It is a very rewarding career. I look forward to coming to work everyday.When you are an agent you have to work 10 hours a day and twice a year you have mandatory legal training. You get your own desk and you get to take out all the big bad guys.

” 8. Are there any geographical limitations to your authority? “No, in the United States I can carry a weapon where ever I please and can arrest anyone anywhere. Now I can also go out of the United States if say an agent was vacationing in Spain and someone kidnapped or killed them, then I will be able to go there and.

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