Interview Protocol

6 June 2017

What would you say are the characteristics of a good leader? A leader is a person with integrity, who Is honest, humble, helpful and kind. Someone who puts others before themselves and who Inspires others to do better. 2) Of the characterlstlcs you Just described, which do you consider most Important In leadership ? I think they are all important 3) In your profession, do you carry any of these characteristics? If so, please tell me about them.

I help others who are in need, I am honest and I am kind ) Do you believe that there are other good leaders who do not have the leadership characterlstlcs that you described? I suppose. 5) If yes, explain what still makes them a good leader. If no, what are these leaders lacking? Well, I think Hitler made a good leader but he was not kind or humble and he only helped his self. 6) Should good leaders have charisma to carry out their duties? Yes, Charisma Is what keeps people drawn, attracted and Inspired.

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A good leader taught me to be persistent and follow through. Now, I always make sure that I follow through with phone calls or activities. I also try to give Good feed back and display excellence in everything that I do. My interview questions stem from my research question of describing an individual that the interviewee admired. Describing this individual means to give me details about what makes this person so great. Good leaders are said to have qualities and characteristics that other leaders do not.

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