Interview Techniques for the Job Applicant

4 April 2015
Describes the steps & techniques required for a prospective job applicant in performing well in the interview process.

Interview Techniques for the Job applicant
A successful interview is composed of many parts. In order for these parts to properly combine, the proper homework must be done (Bell, 1997). If, for example, the applicant wants to find a job in marketing, having a thorough knowledge of the marketing field would be of great use. Having the proper college education is very useful, but an education only serves as a stepping off point for success in the real world. An individual must take the skills that he or she has acquired and apply this knowledge towards a career path. This means understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses in terms of a chosen profession (Bell, 1997).

To carry the example further, a person interested in a career in marketing should be able to truthfully assess what he or she..

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