Interview tips for McDonald’s trainee manager job

1 January 2018

I have chosen to write about the recruitment and selection process of McDonald’s. This report will start off with the definition and purpose of recruitment and selection in an organization. This report also compares the recruitment process of Tesco and McDonalds. The specific job position that I have chosen to write on is McDonald’s trainee manager. All the information and resources that had been gathered and compiled in this report is secondary information. Secondary information simply means that the source of info did not come from the writer itself.

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Interview tips for McDonald’s trainee manager job
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The recruitment and selection process is very important for an organization to work fluently. Recruitment and selection is a separate process. Recruitment is when an organization searches for potential candidates for the job vacancy. The potential candidates must reach the requirements that have been determined by the organization. The main purpose of recruitment is to have a wide variety of candidates that have the right skills and knowledge that the organization can narrow down and choose the most suitable candidate to execute the job. On the other hand, the selection process occurs after the recruitment process. From the potential candidates that have been recruited only a few or even a single person is selected to uphold the job. Applicants go through a few interviews through the human resource management. It is very important to select the right person for the job. If an organization does not select the right person it could jeopardize the whole organization by a drop in productivity, an also misunderstandings among staffs. This is why an organization needs to have a solid human resource team to undergo an efficient recruitment and selection process that can lead to a successful organization in the future.

I have decided to write a report on the recruitment and selection process of McDonald’s. McDonald’s is a fast food chain that is growing fast all over the world. A single restaurant is independent of their recruitment and selection process. This means that each and every one of McDonald’s restaurant chain is individually responsible to recruit and select their own staff. The total amount of people that are employed in a typical McDonald’s restaurant is roughly around 60 people that include the line of management. On April 19, 2012, McDonald’s had hosted a National Hire Day. The main purpose of hosting that day is to fill a lot of positions for restaurant managers and also their crew members. The result of hiring a large number of people on National Hire Day, the amount of applicants that are teenagers is reducing. For many years, the number of teenage crew members of McDonald’s is insanely high. In the year 1990’s, the percentage of employees that are under the age of 20 in the United States is 45%.

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