Interview with Small Business

1 January 2017

Interview with a Small Business Owner Description of the Organization Beyond Ergonomics, partners with leaders of organizations by providing consulting and training services to management teams through effective team building. There focus is on teamwork and team building seeing that it has a dramatic affect on organizational outcomes.

They believe imperatively that leaders are competent on how to efficiently train new team members (new hires), be able to articulate the organizational vision, identify motivators for productive employees, and implement efficient goal setting. Strategic development of teams, roles, responsibilities, structure, and the skills for conflict resolution can all contribute or hinder growth and efficient operation of their organizations. They have indicated that the above factor have had an impact on whether their organization met their goals, effectively and efficiently.

Interview with Small Business Essay Example

Determine the Need to Create a Job It was exclaimed that the Herzberg Theory is applied when choosing to create new job position within the organization. The Herzberg Theory says that there is a need for balance between internal and external motivators in an organization. (Herzberg, 1965). The organization is assessed every two years by upper management of the organization. The focus is geared around whether or not certain needs of the employees are being meet. These needs would consist of things such as pay, security, working conditions, and work schedule.

Additional motivators such as making sure that the employees are being challenged, stimulated, have the ability to be independent, given enough responsibilities and variety. According to the theory that is being followed to build this organization, when these things are not in place the organization tends not to thrive. And there may be a need to create jobs within the organization in order to cause these factors to be more prominent. Performance Requirements / Knowledge and Skills

After seeing that there is a need to create additional job the first step that this company takes are to contact their first line investors at the University of Houston Clear Lake. Their employees mainly consist of students that have graduated from the Applied Cognitive Psychology Program. These students are entering Beyond Ergonomics with a certain skill set that is beneficial to their organization. The Applied Cognitive Psychology (ACP) program trains students to apply principles and methods associated with Cognitive Psychology to the Human-Machine Interface.

That skill set more specifically would consist of being able to redesign, websites, do usability testing on a tangible product, and apply standards and principles to environments that would help with reducing upper musculoskeletal disorders. Duties of the Job Their duties would consist of evaluating products and the work environment and developing best practices. These best practices would be implemented into groups and different functions for testing to ensure that they are causing a positive change. This would be a continuous task that the employee would perform as long as they are employed with Beyond Ergonomics.

The structure of the job would be designed to meet certain criteria, the needs of the employee (internal motivator) and the need of the employer (skill set). Roy Posner strategies for creating job are taken in to great consideration. Beyond Ergonomics has reviewed his steps and created their own (Posner, 2012). Position’s Details Beyond Ergonomics wants to make sure that one, there is a clear description of roles and responsibilities for every job position. For each job it would be clear as to where and how this new job fits and contributes to pre existing job positions.

Secondly, the current positions should be assessed to see how effective they are and how effective the systems are in terms of how much energy it takes to complete tasks, the manpower needed to complete tasks, and the quality of the work and how much it is currently costing the company. This will help ensure that the performance rate continues to strive at a certain level. Thirdly, the job position is examined to see if tasks within the new position can be delegated to other employees. If for any reason at all the new employee has to be removed from the new position those tasks will not be left undone.

Nor will there be a halt in production. Lastly, they look at all the ways in which the current job tasks and systems can be integrated. So that new jobs can be created and the old positions can be condensed allowing new and fresh ideas to enter the company. Conclusion After collectively reviewing all that is entailed to create jobs for Beyond Ergonomics it seems as though they have thoroughly asked every question and entertained all possible outcomes that would and would not affect the growth of their organization.

They have taken in consideration not only how the growth of the company will flourish but the needs of the employee. This type of thinking seems to be the better way of developing a organization and allowing an organization to thrive.

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