Into The Maelstorm by Bigelf

11 November 2019

This band is far from easily explainable. Considering that they seem to mash together literally every popular classic rock and prog rock band ever but make it more metalish per se is quite the accomplishment. Even though Bigelf isn’t well known even in the prog community, I still say give these guys a listen. To me, the less popular a band is, the more I want to share it with you all anyways. It’s a wonderful thing too because you could possibly be helping someone get into a certain genre that they otherwise wouldn’t dare try or to share for the sake of sharing and having people give it a shot.
Into The Maelstorm is one of those special cases in the prog community. You may hear a little of The Beatles, A little bit of King Crimson, some minor Genesis influences as well. You know what? You can literally mash anything together and call it Bigelf because, especially here, that’s the definitive case. While the album is only, oh I don’t know, 12 tracks and just over an hour in length but, that really shouldn’t discourage you in the slightest because you’ll find quirky, funny and sometimes even over the top ideas and moments all throughout the album. Basically think Genesis, but much weirder. Also for those Dream Theater fans or Mike Portnoy fans, this just might make this album just that much more special, they decided to have Mike Portnoy and with the tracks he plays in the album , expect full blown rediculousness to be had.
While I haven’t gone into this album in great detail sadly, its hard to explain these guys anyways so I might as well leave it to you guys to see what you think. As for the album its self, I would like to give it a 9.5/10. I an the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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