Into the Wild Journal

1 January 2017

What does that mean? Are all biographers impartial? What might we expect from Krakauer? ” * It means that he will state his opinion in random parts in the story. We would expect that he would agree with McCandless, but * “In the last paragraph, Krakauer introduces the complexity of Chris McCandless. Keep in mind the following four questions as you read the text:” 1. “Should we admire McCandless for his courage and noble ideas? ” * In some ways yes and no. Yes, because he is getting some valuable skills that he will not learn anywhere else.

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No, because he should of carried I. D. o that when he died people would of known that he was, so his parents would of known were he was in the last two years. 2. “Was he a reckless idiot? ” * Yes, because he didn’t tell anyone where he was going. And he was arrogant to not carry basic essentials for his journey. 3. “Was he crazy? ” * Yes, he was crazy he didn’t want to tell people where he was going. And he didn’t ever tell anyone who he really was.

“Was he arrogant and stupid and narcissist? ” * Yes, he was arrogant because he should people what he was doing and he should of told people who he really was. “4. Making Predictions and Asking Questions” “Look up Outside Magazine and write a full page describing the magazine? ” 1. “Why do you think Krakauer wrote this particular book? ” * People could of know McCandless life and how his journey to Alaska and people could of known his hardship he faced will hitchhiking “5. Introducing Key Vocabulary” “6. First Reading: Chapter 1 & 2” * “Note the paragraphs that begin each of these chapters. On is by a friend of Chris McCandless and the other is by McCandless, followed by a quotation from White Fang by Jack London? ” * “Complete the character analysis for Chris McCandless:”

Pay attention to the characters ethnics. ” * His ethnics were that never to leave anything unfinished. He always wanted to get the job done no matter what. 2. “Deicide whether the characters actions are wise or unwise. ” * His decisions were unwise because he didn’t have any sort of plan and he was ill prepared. He never had a back up plan if he were in danger of anything. 3. “What is the characters motivation? ” * His decisions were that he just wanted to hitchhike to Alaska and wanted to live outdoors and just wanted to get away from everyone. 4. “Consider the effects of the character’s behavior on other characters. * His effect was that everyone wanted to be around him to listen to the stories that he would ell about him hitchhiking to Alaska. He never tells anyone his real name, and uses the alias of Alexander McCandless. 5. “Look for repeatedly used words that describe the character.

He uses word that describes how he looks. 6. “Is the Character ‘Flat’ or ‘Rounded’? A character is considered flat (or static) when he or she does not experience change of any kind, does not grow from beginning to end. Round characters are those who do experience some sort of growth. * He is a “rounded” character because he experience change and forgives his parents while he is in the wild. “7. Chapter 3: ‘Home” * “Write a half page response of each of the following questions” 1. “What was Westerberg like? What kind of character did he have? ” 2. “What was McCandless like? What kind of character did he have? Would you like of known him? ”

McCandless was a person that everyone like and every one respected him for being himself. If I could meet him I would of told him to forgive his parents and to pursue his law career. “8. Chapter 4: ‘The Journey” ) “Study the map that begins chapter 4 and refers to it as you follow McCandless’s journey. ” a) “In your journal, list the people McCandless met along the way. ” b) “What was it about McCandless’s personality that made an imprecision on people? ” * It is that he is so free and he does whatever he wants to do and everyone likes to help him because he tells a lot of stories.

The stories are what people like to hear about. c) “Note Alex’s journal. Why do you think he avoided using the first person when he talked about himself? Why doesn’t he use the pronoun ‘I’? * He avoided using the first person tone because he think that the story is more about McCandless and he doesn’t want to focus to much on himself. d) “What was the purpose of chapter 4? ” * That he should have been carrying his I. D. because he was stopped by immigration and they didn’t know what to do with him because they didn’t know who he was. e) “Characterize Ronald Franz. What kind of human being was he? Did he sympathy? Why or Why not? ”

He was a good person and he did fell sympathy when McCandless died and he wished that McCandless would die because he was the last person that he was with. ) “What more did you learn about Alex’s relationship with his father? Do you think his anger is justified? Why or Why not? ” * That it was a love hate relationship and McCandless hated his father but he always loved his mother. He didn’t want to hurt his parents be telling them he was going to Alaska.

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