Into The Wild

8 August 2016

The book “Into The Wild” tells the story of Chris McCandless and his journey and interactions with various people. Jon Krakauer the author wrote this book to show people what really happened so they could decide their own opinion of Chris McCandless and his story, instead of judging him on what the media said or critics or whoever. I personally think Chris was a nice smart person but didn’t make good decisions.

One example of his bad decisions and the most prevalent one was is his decision to go live off the land with little or no supplies, Chris only brought the clothes on his back and other limited supplies such as cheap boots and a light coat. Another example is his refusal to accept help from people, had he actually took most of the things people offered him he would most likely survived and made it out in one piece living off the land. Those were just a few examples of his stubbornness and bad choices.

Into The Wild Essay Example

However not all people think McCandless was a ignorant, stupid ,fool. Some people hailed Chris as a hero and that what he did was admirable and that we should all be more like him. One thing good about him was his modesty and humbleness, “Chris refused any help from anybody on his travel with few exceptions from his close friends” that quote from the book proves his modesty and humbleness and that he was a good guy. Also Chris was a great people person” he touched peoples heart and left an impact on them forever where ever he went” said his friend Jan Buress.

Those are just a few of a long list of Chris’s good traits. In the same way Chris McCandless is hotly debated Michael Jackson is also a very controversial person, though his musical exploits should not be condemned. Many people criticize Michael Jackson of his alleged charges of molestation and that he is a sexual predator and should be convicted of his crimes. Other call him a child abuser because he dangled his infant son over a balcony. However with bad there is good and Michael Jackson is a genuinely good person.

He was aquitted of all the molestation charges the supposed victim even admitted his father told him to lie so they could get a big settlement of money. He was also a very generous person and donated to charities often. Many people also praise him of his music and he also has the biggest selling album of all time. In conclusion people like Chris McCandless and Micheal Jackson will always catch people’s interest because of their wild and radical decisions. Whether its selling all your stuff and living off the land or being accused of being a sex offender people will always judge you.

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