Intro in 3rd Person

5 May 2017

Introduction in 3rd person Megan Norton’s Admittedly 3rd Person Biography Born and raised on the quiet streets of Findlay Ohio. Megan Norton is a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, and a student. Despite all of these there is not one that completely defines her. Free thinking and agnostic she believes that there is not one voice or personality that is her definite self. Although she doesn’t go so far to believe that the self is so flexible that a midget can become an Olympic pole vaulter, or a mentally retarded child will become Albert Einstein’s successor.

But, she does believe it is flexible enough that a hardened criminal can later become a successful teacher, lawyer or businessman, or a learning disabled child can become a world-class professor. Believing that the potential within herself is limited, but not knowing for sure where her limits are. A good balance of realism and idealism helps test just how far she can go within her potential. Megan fully admits that she thinks human beings do not have the capacity to fully understand God. It goes without saying, that humans do not have the capacity to fully understand the nature of reality.

Intro in 3rd Person Essay Example

We are ourselves but a tiny part of a massive reality, which we can never get outside of to view fully. Therefore, if you ask for her opinion on the nature of reality, you will get a big fat “I don’t know! ” Again, her agnosticism shines through. She can, however, inform you that she has certain leanings, mostly away from certain interpretations of reality. Even as a part of something which she can’t see the whole, she can make some pretty reasonable guesses as to what it is not, despite being unable to say definitively what it is.

Considering herself open-minded, and not ruling out the possibility of anything. But when it comes to probabilities, those are a different story. She finds it highly unlikely, though possible, that people are talking to the dead, or that ghosts are haunting home in any direct fashion, or that magic crystals are curing your diseases. She does believe strongly in the placebo effect, so there is no doubt that belief in some of these things brings certain results. Her basic ethic is simply the golden rule with a few adjustments.

Firstly, if you are a masochist, then obviously treating others as you want to be treated may not be a good idea. In other words, using our own desires as standards for how others want to be treated is flawed. She improves on this by treating others as she can best guess that they want to be treated, within the limits of her own ethical parameters. Secondly, she would amend it to include a more long-term focus. A person may want you to treat them one way today, but may realize that it will hurt them even more later.

Alternatively, a person may not want you to do something today (a child being given a vaccine) that you realize will be of great benefit in the long run. Ultimately, she strives to treat people as they treat her, and to be as tolerant of differences as can be when it comes to gender, sexual orientation, race, or anything else. Trying her best to treat each person with respect until she is given a reason to do anything else. However, she also maintains the right to defend herself when wronged, and to set healthy boundaries around her.

Megan feels things are not exactly in tip top shape in our society, it didn’t take long for her to start looking the way of government. She believes government is so corrupt that you are naive if you even think for a second that it isn’t. She knows hardly anyone claims that the government and our leaders are working fully in our best interests in a fair and decent manner. It is so bad that it is common knowledge even among most schoolchildren that you can’t trust politicians as far as you can throw them. And yet, despite everyone knowing this, most people still support the two major parties.

An eager supporter of Clinton in 1992 and 1996. In 2000, she was almost awakened to the point of ditching the two parties, but George W. Bush saw to it that she remained long enough to vote for Gore that year. Never before had she so strongly felt the need to vote just to vote against someone. She actually wasn’t going to vote, and then at the last minute realized that if Bush won, she wouldn’t forgive herself for not voting against him. Bush did win, and in her eyes has taken this country to a new level of insanity.

And yet, when she asked herself what Gore would have done had he been in office, she kept coming to the conclusion that all the Democrats would do is the same things the Republicans would do, only slower. The Republicans will corrupt this country fast; the Democrats will corrupt it slowly. She had then started to consider the idea of supporting a third party, being so fed up with the two majors. However, she saw the Green Party as a bunch of hippies who just wanted pot legalized so that they could smoke weed all day. This wasn’t her.

She was looking for a party that supported fair treatment in terms of economics, the environment, gender and sexual orientation, and everything else. She then became aware that she had been a victim of a stereotype. That isn’t to say that there aren’t many Green Party supporters who are just looking for a place to rebel, legalize drugs, and escape rather than make true positive reforms. But that is not the stance of the party, nor everyone, or even most people in it. She still considers herself an independent in that she will always make decisions and form opinions on each issue and on each candidate on its own merits.

However, there are only rare occasions where those independent choices don’t match up pretty closely with the stances of the Green Party. Thus, for all intents and purposes, she is Green. What American is against grassroots democracy? Who is against social justice and equal opportunity? Who doesn’t want a non-violent society? Certainly she can see the other side on issues like decentralization, and wishing that the value was just gender equity, rather than feminism. But overall, these principles seem to be just common sense if humanity is to continue to exist on this planet for much longer.

Her career path has spent a long while in a limbo state, but now is finally beginning to take shape, when she decided to go back to college. She had attended before but dropped out to get married and start a family at age 19. Three children later her biggest goal is to finish her associate’s degree in Office Administration and move on to achieve her Bachelors in Business or Marketing. She truly aspires to do great things after college not just for herself but for her whole family. She wishes to be eternally curious and seeking. Always work toward her highest potentials.

At all times be the best lover, best friend and best wife she can possibly be to her beloved husband. Use emotional intelligence to the best of her ability at any given time. She also aspires to hold herself personally responsible for her own life, happiness and success. To stay true to her own standards of cooperation, humanity and empathy; be passionate and active with all the things, people and situations she admires. And, still be able to change when and where it is appropriate to do so. Lastly she hopes to be adventurous without being foolish.

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