Mark Twain all wanted to do something ew and different Rejects Romanticism Romantic tradition looks at an Individual that can do all Realists-wanted literature to reflect real life-the civil war woke everyone up because Naturalism-the helplessness of man against the power of nature and the power of society people talk about the realism/naturalism Mark Twain grew up In Hannibal Missouri–the town we find Huck Finn In Is supposedly the same town Missouri=the South town at bank of mississippl Mississippi-huge center for commerce Place where all different classes and modes of technology unite Make shift rafts— omade In contrast to the most technologically advanced Mississippi river could be very lawless and dangerous–with huge advanced boats and then small homemade ones Huck Finn was difficult for Twain to write Emotionally Tom Sawyer-run of the mill children’s story Tom is rambunctious whos always getting into trouble Hucks dad Is a homeless, abusive drunk, always In ratted overalls ect.

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Huck doesnt go to school/church You cant tell the story of Huck Finn without telling the truths about America–Huck Finn became his soapbox He looses control of the narrative sometimes”it becomes pisodic–seem to go from one story to another to another—sequences Huck Finn is an orphan but grows up In his aunts house–normal life This Is Twain’s biggest seller but also very controversial Its very controversial because of the way it deals with is a serious character–he’s Hucks friend 19th century–uncomfortable because… Two main characters: huck and fin–friendship between black and white 20th century “nigger” is controversial– because people are uncomfortable with our racist past Is this a racist book or not? Complicated Some parts can be seen as racist

Not because he says “nigger” because that’s the lingo we used It’s not a realistic story so why do we consider it realistic? Written in the first person dialect of a semi-literate boy The things that happen to him aren’t realistic but his perspective is realistic Regionalism-subset of realism Capture the flavor of a specific place Twain captures the situation of life on the Mississippi Recognize the conflict between Tom and Huck As you read, I want you to be thinking of the questions she brought up: Is it racist or anti-racist? What does the book say about America and Americans? Romance vs. realism conflict? Where does it fall in relation to Transcendentalism? Does it agree with it? Contradict it?

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