Introduction and Comparison between AT and MCI

4 April 2015
This paper describes the growth of the telecommunication industry, through the companies AT&T and MCI.

This paper examines the relationship (competition) between the two biggest telecommunication companies in America, AT&T and MCI. It first explores the history of telecommunications in America and its development in the digital/technological age. It focuses on the anti-trust and fair competition laws generated in part of the telecommunication revolution. It further discusses the companies’ grasp for the market share.
Table of Contents
1.Once upon a time, telecommunications was simple
2.The Facts of Organizational Life

From the paper:

…after the dawning of the telecommunications age, things did in fact remain relatively simple in the United States because of the essentially monopolistic nature of the business of providing telephone service to those Americans who had it. Now, however, of course the situation is much more complicated. Not only does there exist a multiplicity of companies competing with each other for the business and dollars of the consumer, but there are also a wide range of services that were not only unheard of but undreamed of only a few decades ago. This paper examines two of the major players in the current telecommunications game AT and MCI.

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