Introduction Han Mita

7 July 2017

Mitt kepi Fawn Little Sky immaculately nah inhuman canter waste nape especially. Nina Microeconomic Toyota hetman an ate Googol Toyota hetman. Hello, my relatives. My name is Fawn Little Sky and I shake your hands with a good feeling in my heart. My mother is Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe from the Plants by the water band (Microeconomic) and my father is Googol Sioux Tribe from the Scatters their own band (Googol), two of seven Alaska bands once known as the Octet Isakson (Seven bands) of the Alaska Toyota.

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My maternal grandparent’s are Nathan and Flora Little Wounded and my paternal rareness’s are Eddie and Dawn Little Sky. I was born and raised on the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation in the city of Eagle Butte, South Dakota where our tribal headquarters are located. My grandfather Nathan Little Wounded got his name from his father, my great-grandfather Joana Little Wounded, who was found among the dead relatives as a baby in a cave after the U. S. Army was ordered to kill those not living on the reservations. He was named Little Wounded as he was shot in the foot and survived during the battle of the greasy grass with Cutter’s Calvary in the Montana territory. He was given to relatives residing on the Cheyenne River reservation or Four Bands territory when my great great grandmother raised him. I was raised by my grandparent’s until Headstand and my grandmother Flora was the Headstand cook. My grandpa Nathan served in the U. S.

Army during World War II and he was a farmhand, a policeman, rancher, electrician, and Reverend. My mother Carols Little Wounded was the first to graduate with a four year degree and she was a single mother. My father Todd Little Sky remained with his parent’s in Kyle, South Dakota. My grandfather Eddie Little Sky is originally from the Little family located in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. His name was changed to Little Sky as a stage name and was one of the first Native American actors relocated to California.

My grandma Dawn Little Sky met my grandfather as an artist working for Disneyland. Her relatives are Gates family from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (Hanukkah Sioux). They are artists, activists, and famously well-known dancers throughout the Pop-wow world in Indian country. I have two younger brothers Hawaiian LATA Martinez and Marshall Rave. My mother adopted two of my cousins and are considered like my older brothers Moral and Jerry Clown. After my mother married, I gained two older step sisters, Preterit and Kim Rave.

I graduated from Cheyenne River-Eagle Butte High school in May of 1996 and aspired to be an artist. I went to Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS. In 1998 after becoming pregnant with my first son Elijah Rains Little Sky, I returned to the reservation and took night classes with the former Northern State University/ After having difficulties with full-time employment and child care responsibilities, I greed to move to Rosebud Sioux Tribe with my mother and attend night classes from SST. Francis, South Dakota.

From 1999 to 2004, I graduated with my Associates degree and Bachelor’s degree in Mental Health and Chemical Dependency. In 2006, I began my career by working for my tribal Alcohol/Drug prevention program in Eagle Butte, SD. I had my second son at this time and his name is Gavin Ryan Little Sky. For four years, I worked with adults and youth throughout the Cheyenne River Sioux reservation by helping to run the youth prevention or outpatient, adult intensive outpatient, aftercare program, support groups, community outreach, and administrative duties.

This past year I started my first teaching experience with Northwest Indian College as the Human Service instructor. I decided to return to my higher education endeavors through Capable University because I realize more support is needed and change can be acquired through furthering my education by obtaining my Master’s degree in Mental Health counseling. I would like to one day become the director of my tribe’s behavioral health program.

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