Introduction of economist group

6 June 2017

Introduction of The Economist Group The Economist claims that it “is not a chronicle of economics”. Rather, it aims “to take part in a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress”. It was debuted in 1843 by lames Wilson, a Scottish businessman, who founded The Economist as a newspaper to campaign for tree trade, and played a role of the chief editor and sole owner for about sixteen years. The Economist called Itself d English- language weekly newspaper but actually looks like a news magazine, which owned by The Economist Group whose edit offices set in London.

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It offers clear reporting, commentary and analysis on world current affairs, business, finance, science and technology, culture, society, media and the arts. History of The Economist croup This Is a timeline chart of the history of The Economist Group. The chart Is from Its beginning in 1843. We can see clearly that it experienced a stable increase during the first hundred years except a sight decrease in 1875. In 1956, it started a obvious increase, and from 1984 it jumped rapidly.

In 2005, its circulation exceeded 1 million for the first time, and last year, its circulation already over 1. 5 million (pic_ 1). (plc. History of The Economist Group) Let’ s see some specific years of The Economist Group. The Economist Intelligence Unit is founded in 1946 to serve the newspaper and provide business intelligence to outside companies. Ten years later, Economist Conferences, a division ot Economist Intelligence Unit, is formed and launches government roundtables, 1987 witnessed a major redesign of The Economist: The World In… eries, The Asla section Is launched, ds well as Economist Corporate Network. Times going on, Economist. com Is launched in 1995. 2001 was also a turnover year for the whole group. A redesigned Economist is launched, taking the aper into full color for the first time, turning out that the global circulation averages at over 760,000 and 2million people read The Economist weekly Family Brands Now the Economist Group has definitely evolved Into d global media company.

The publications and services delivered under the Economist brand are The Economist newspaper, The Economist online, The Economist Intelligence Unit, The Economist Events, The Economist Corporate Network, The Economist Education, The World In… and Intelligent Life Here The Intelligence Life should be mentioned more specifically. The Economist Intelligence unit Is the world’s foremost provider ot ountry, Industry and management analysis. It offers d broad range of services In d variety of formats. It is the most trusted and valuable resource for international business throughout the world.

We can say that the Ell-J is a major reason why the the Economist brand family is built on high-quality, independent analysis. As they claimed that many of the issues facing the world have an international if not global dimension. The Economist brand family is ideally positioned to be the commentator, interpreter and forecaster of the phenomenon of globalization as it gathers in pace and impact.. Apart from these family brands, it also includes a government brand called CQ Roll Call, which aimed at decision-makers in Capitol Hill.

The Group also owns Euro Finance, the leading global provider of conferences, training and research on cash management, treasury and risk, and TVC, a London-based digital marketing agency. The ideal people always think in a same way. Another one is The Ideas People Media, which was launched to deliver this influential thinking. Its core product, Ideas People Channel, is a vertical, fully transparent network that reaches over 25m Ideas People in the United States, and over 35m globally. Ideas People Media also consists of Ideas People TV, a digital video network, Ideas People Mobile.

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