Introduction on Globalization of Music

3 March 2018

Hip-hop music is funky and is accompanied by a vocal style, which is known as rap along with rhythmic beats.

Rap means speaking rhythmically in self-made rhymes with your own style. The term ‘hip-hop music’ is sometimes used synonymously with the term rap music, because rap is a subpart of hip-hop. Rap and hip-hop are claimed by some to have negative influences on its listeners. The reason for this is that a lot of hip-hop/rap songs contain foul language, messages containing violence and messages where woman are portrayed as sexually devalued objects.While doing research on “Globalization and popular music consumption” we found it interesting that in particular popular western hip- hop/rap music, is still somewhat unknown and unpopular in the Middle East. We were wondering what contributed to this unawareness or dislike of Western hip-hop/rap. Is it because of the cultural conservatism with many taboo’s attached or were they just not fond of the music.

Introduction on Globalization of Music Essay Example

We will take the liberty to elaborate on some of these claims in our research paper by investigating and answering the presented research questions below.

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