Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am here today to talk about effect of communication barriers and overcoming these barriers. What communication barriers are? I think we all have experienced situations when in a cafe, where the menu does not serve the same with what we ordered. Why it happened? It is simply because of a failing communication. To begin with my speech today, I will talk about the importance of effective communication and what is the definition of communication barriers.

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Following that, I will discuss some of examples of communication barriers and ways to overcome these barriers. As a manager in your organisation, it is your responsibility to identify the barriers of communication and develop approaches to remove these barriers. An effective communication is very importance element of organizational success to build and maintain relationships in the workplace. Based on P. C. Tripathi et. al. (2006), through communication, we can provide information, understanding for group effort and provide attitudes necessary for motivation, cooperation and job satisfaction.

According to an estimate, people in organizations typically spend over 70% of their time in an interpersonal situation; thus it is no surprise to find that at the root of a large number of organizational problems is poor communication. This ineffective communication is caused by a large number of barriers leading to many managerial problems. What is the meaning of an effective communication? According to Fred C. Lunenburg (2010), effective communication is a two-way process that involves effort and skill by both sender and receiver.

According to Keith, Davis (1982), when employees understand, accept and act upon the information that has been transmitted to them, only then the communication will be effective. There are some obstacles in the communication that product in less effective communication. In my speech today, I will discuss some of the barriers in communication which are socio-psychological barriers, physical barriers, semantic barriers, language barriers and cultural barriers.

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