Introduction to Alcoholism: What is it and How Do You Treat it?

4 April 2015
A paper which defines alcoholism and explores various forms of treatment.

The paper introduces alcoholism, defining it as a disease that is chronic, incurable and causes the person to need the alcohol in order to function. The paper discusses symptoms of alcoholism and then proceeds to study forms of treatment such as detoxification and AA. Finally, the importance of the social worker’s role in alcohol treatment is discussed and stressed.
One thing that has not been spoken about is how differently a patient will react to treatment if the patient is also suffering from one of the aforementioned conditions. An alcoholic with an addiction to cocaine will certainly react differently in a detox situation than an alcoholic with a nicotine addiction. Not to mention the possible presence of some type of liver damage, or other serious medical problem that could harm the patient far more than the treatment may be prepared for. Caseworkers face many life-altering decisions when it comes to the management of such cases of alcoholism and their comorbidity. It seems to be so common that research is really needed in order to aid workers recognize all of the possible complications, as well as the more appropriate treatment plan for these patients. (NIAAA, 1991)
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