Introduction to conceptual bases nursing

8 August 2016

Definition of nursing science 2. Four basic concepts that affect and determine the nursing practice (1) Human being (2) Environment (3) Health (4) Nursing Human being 1. The human being is a uniform whole (entirety) (1) Concept of a whole (2) The uniform whole of human being 1)Physiological 2)Psychological 3)Social 4)Spiritual 5)Cultural 3. The human being is an open system (open whole) (1) Close system (2) Open system 4. The scope of human being in nursing (1) Individual (2) Family (3) Community (4) Society

Basic goal of human being: To maintain the balance of organism (1)Balance among subsystems of an organism (2)Balance between organism and its environment (internal environment and external environment) 2. Basic need of human being (1) Definition of basic need 1) Need 2) Basic need of human being (2) Types of basic need 1)Physiological need 2)Social need 3)Affective need 4)Cognitive need 5)Spiritual need (3) Characteristics of basic need 1)Approximately same basic need 2)The importance of each need for each person is different 3)All the basic needs are interconnected and interactive

Factors that affect meeting needs 1)Physiological elements 2)Emotional elements 3)Knowledge and intellectual elements 4)Social elements 5)Environmental elements 6)Individual elements 7)Cultural elements (5) The theory related to basic needs —Maslow’s hierarchy theory of Basic needs for Human Being 1) Theory’s basic content a)Physiological needs b)Safety needs c)Love and belongingness needs d)Self-esteem needs e)Needs for self-actualization 2) Basis for need’s hierarchy a)Importance of needs b)Sequence of need’s appearance 3) General rules 4) Significance to nursing

To identify client’s unmet needs b)To realize and understand client’s words and behaviors c)To predict client’s unspoken needs d)To collect client’s data comprehensively in case of missing e)To put client’s nursing problems in adequate order 3.

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Growth and development of human being (1) Definition of growth and development 1) Growth:a increase on amount in physiological aspect. a)height b)weight c)age 2) Development: (a)Definition: a changing process in physical and psychological aspect along with age’s increase and interaction between individual and its environment.

Characteristics of development: a) in order b) predicted c) persistent d) as a result of learning and a symbol of maturation e) holistic (physiological, psychological, social ) 3) Maturation: (a) narrow definition: the process of the growth in physiological aspect and the potential in developmental aspect were exerted fully (b) generalized definition: a individual has not only obtained full development in physiological aspect, but also put up many mature behaviors. (2) Content of growth and developmenT.

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