Introduction to Mental Retardation

4 April 2015
This paper looks at the ways in which children with retardation need special care in growing up. The author discusses the needs — one by one and looks at the ways in which parents can help their children. Such things as, repetition and routine, tangible rewards, demands, and motivations are discussed.

“Children with or without disabilities need constant care and supervision. Parents need to see that their children are safe, warm feed clothed, clean and healthy. Many of the characteristics that affect how easy he or she is to care for depends on the temperament that he or she was born with, which has little or nothing to do with mental retardation. Of course, due to mental retardation, the daily care routine will be affected in some ways. First, because of mental retardation, the child will learn the skills needed to be independent at a slower pace, and will often be less skillful at them. Second, the child will have to be taught skills, that other children seem to pick up instinctively. Third, this child will need a great deal of repetition and routine to learn the rules and skills that make everyday life go smoothly.”
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