Introduction to Nursing Research Essay Sample

Nursing research is a scientific procedure which helps to better the patient outcomes through the analysis of informations collected and adding new protocols to better patient attention. Evidence-based research helps research workers to place the jobs and do determinations based on current province of cognition and improved patient results. Pressure ulcer continues to be one of the major jobs in today’s health care. Now a yearss. infirmaries supplying attention to critically ill patients and inveterate sick patients. The development of infirmary acquired force per unit area ulcers extents the patient’s length of stay in the infirmaries and increases the wellness attention cost for the patient. The article “Knowledge on Pressure Ulcer Prevention Among Nursing Professionals” . helps nursing professionals to understand the importance of forestalling force per unit area sores by supplying them with proper skin care and skin appraisal ( Miyazaki. M. 2009 ) . In order to forestall development of force per unit area ulcers. the nursing staff requires equal evidence- based cognition related to force per unit area ulcers. This research survey helped to make the decision that cognition shortage among nursing staff plays a really of import function in the bar of force per unit area ulcers.

Purpose of the survey
Pressure ulcer is one of the major jobs in today’s wellness attention. The intent of this survey was to depict and to analyse the cognition of nursing staff who supplying direct attention to elderly and grownup patients with chronic unwellness sing force per unit area ulcer bar including appraisal. categorization and bar. Methods of survey

This survey was conducted at a University infirmary among nursing professionals who supplying direct patient attention. The information was collected through a validated questionnaire and used quantitative research in this survey. In quantitative research. the research workers identify the job and collect informations in numerical signifier. The blessing for this quantitative research with descriptive and explorative design was received from Research Ethics Committee of the establishment where the survey was conducted. The research participants were 386 nursing professionals who supplying direct patient attention including 136 baccalaureate nurses and 250 nursing technicians. The information aggregation was conducted between January to March and the information was collected by utilizing a validated questionnaire with True or False and I do non Know replies. The trial was conducted during work hours with single footing. The research workers used the trial consequence tonss ranges from 90 % or more. between 70 % to 89. 9 % . between 50 % to 69. 9 % and below 50 % . Student’s t-test for two independent samples were applied.


Research participants were 386 nursing staff including nurses and nursing technicians. The expected mark for this trial was 90 % and above. The nurses received a mark of 79. 4 % and the nursing technicians received the mark 73. 6 % . Based on the tonss received on the trial. displayed cognition shortage in force per unit area ulcer bar among nursing professionals. The nursing professionals are responsible for supplying equal attention related to force per unit area ulcer bar and intervention. Patients develop force per unit area ulcers due to multiple grounds such as age. hapless nutrition. stationariness. incontinency of intestine and vesica. This article explains different surveies conducted on force per unit area ulcer bar were scored by nursing staff was 80 % .

Deductions to nursing
The bar of force per unit area ulcers requires equal cognition of nursing staff sing force per unit area ulcer bar schemes. Nursing professionals need to update their cognition by utilizing evidence-based research and other instruction plans like in services and seminars related to force per unit area ulcer bar. The nursing staff needs to be cognizant of the right certification and theatrical production of force per unit area ulcers. So the instruction plans based on evidence-based nursing research guarantee that the nursing professionals receive equal cognition sing best patient attention to better patient results. When taking attention of chronic patients. equal nutrition. and turning and repositioning is besides really of import.

The average per centum of right replies on the cognition trial for nurses was 79. 4 % and the nursing technicians was 73. 6 % . These survey consequences given. can assist to place and work out the cognition shortage among nursing professionals associating to coerce ulcer bar and the planning schemes to supply an instruction to better their cognition on this job. The Braden graduated table is a really good appraisal tool to place patients who are at hazard for developing force per unit area sores and is really helpful to nursing professionals. Based on the Braden graduated table mark. the sharp-sightedness of the patients can be classified. So. a successful force per unit area ulcer bar depends on the accomplishments and the cognition of the nursing staff who provide the direct patient attention.

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