Introduction to personal development in health and social care or childrens and young peoples setting

7 July 2016

The duties and responsibilities of my own role include treating others with respect, the effective communication between both patients and my colleagues, and, the safety and comfort of patients. I provide patients with a β€˜helping hand’ by assisting them when necessary. I also help others by observing and reporting any concerns to my line manager. I do not impose my own views upon patients as I hold a non-judgemental attitude in my approach to work and I am always aware of and actively listen to any concerns and/or issues that patients have.

Standards that influence the way my role is carried out include following organisational policies, for example, Code of Conduct, Professional Boundaries, Confidentiality Policies, Regulations, Minimum Standards, National Occupational Standards and all legal requirements. Being aware of own personal attitudes and beliefs, being open and understanding to others attitudes and beliefs and respecting the differences between own and others Being able to reflect on own work activities.

Reflecting on your own work activities is an important way to develop knowledge, skills and practice as you need to be able to identify and understand any possible discrepancies between your own work practice, and, organisational and legal practice in order to update yourself on any information that you are not aware of so that you can complete your position to the best of your abilities, following all legal and professional boundaries. I am continuously assessing how well my own knowledge, skills and understanding meet professional standards by reflecting on my own work activities using the above skills and sources of support.

I have reflected on my work activities in the past by reporting to my supervisor any issues after I have taken time to assess situations of professional boundaries and codes of conduct. Be able to agree a personal development plan. Sources of support that may be available to me in my work environment may include informal support from work colleagues, formal support from courses attended, and, supervisors and/or managers, organisational policies and procedures and support from outside resources such as and internet and local councils.

In order to draw up a personal development plan I would amongst other activities, agree objectives for development, propose activities needed to meet the objectives, and agree timescales needed to review and meet the objectives proposed for the plan. Those involved in the plan should involve the individual, supervisor/manager/employer, and, other professionals if necessary. I have contributed to, and will continue to do so, to a personal development plan on myself whilst aiming to complete my NVQ Level2.

Be able to develop own knowledge, skills and understanding. I am improving my skills and knowledge by reading information on, and, completing my NVQ2. I have reflected on what I am going to write in this unit and have therefore remembered what I have written so my knowledge, skills and understanding of the subject has improved. Feedback from others has developed my knowledge and skills as I am aware of actions I need to take in order to increase my knowledge of the subject. I will record my progress, in my development plan in this NVQ, as I am completing it.

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