Introduction to Philippine Airlines: An OJT Report

8 August 2016

-Albert Einstein Every man is ought to learn the things that consternate the universe. It is in his system to discover, find answers that satisfy his questions, install these into his memory and apply to his daily life – which is why man educates himself. Education is application. Its ultimate rationale is to prepare each generation towards facing the strenuous battle in the real workplace in a chance to save the world from the surrounding dilemmas.

Thus, the application of what one has absorbed and acquired after several years of studying in school is an entailment for the justification of the real sense of education. A part of the college curriculum which is an effective method of testing and applying what one has learned from classroom instructions through hands-on work experiences is the On the Job Training program. It offers significant benefits that could give trainees invaluable assets for achieving gainful employment.

Introduction to Philippine Airlines: An OJT Report Essay Example

Furthermore, being a tourism student of Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation and having a practicum in the first and oldest commercial airline in Asia, the Philippines’ leading and very own flag carrier – Philippine Airlines – is truly an exemplary training background. The trainee is indeed proud and honored to be part of the Flight Operations, Planning and Technical Analysis (FOPTA) office under the Company’s Flight Operations Department.

A training that provides the opportunity to accurate sufficient knowledge and skills relevant to work habits necessary to become competitive in the labor market concentrated on the airline industry…A training that assists in developing professionalism and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the workplace…Surely having an OJT at “your home in the sky” is a one great break for the utilization of the trainee’s knowledge and for the achievement of her endeavors in life.

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