Invention of Telephone and Development

Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell speaking educators on March 7, 1876 the first telephone was invented and received a patent . Deaf studies related to vibration in the air with the sounds of Bella wondered how that had led him to . ” Harmonic telegraph” his name while working on a mechanism of electric current to resemble the vibration caused during a conversation I had found could have been changed . According to this principle invented the telephone was not working. 1876: Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Watson made ??the first long distance telephone call . 3 km the distance between them . respectively. All -in-One: In Bell’s invention of the telephone device , resembling a trumpet mouthpiece was in one headset . When you talk to a person, the mouthpiece of the sound vibrates a diaphragm inside the device , subject to change vibration was transformed into an electric current . Buyer , from the opposite side of the stream , as a voice to be heard again by turning the vibration was getting . Wires: The first telephone cables using copper wire was covered with glass .

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In particular, the overhead lines because they are sturdy iron wires would be preferred . 1877 Bell’s invention not see Reputation: Professor Bell received a patent for the invention western- from Union telegram from the phone company offered to sell 100 thousand dollars . However, the company that ” are useless ridiculous idea ” come to the decision rejected the proposal . On top of that capital Bella who supported him in 1880 with the union of two partners founded the Bell Telephone Company 1877:

Thomas Edison in 1877, which is part of two separate phone for listening and speaking has developed tools . 1878: The first telephone directory was published in the New Heaven . Guide to the subscriber’s name and number 21 was written . 1885: Now the transmitter and the receiver ” receiver ” was combined in a single mechanism called . In the beginning of 1929 towards the handset with metal began to be made of plastic . 1887: Phone first year in America was met with suspicion . Many people deafness of the sound from headphones or thought would lead to madness .

But at the end of telelo prevailed. In 1887, the number of telephone subscribers in America had exceeded 150 thousand . 1892: Undertaker from Amon Strowger , an opponent of the telephone switchboard telephone line is busy working on his own that his wife and her husband was transferred to the customers noticed that their phone . Strowger very angry whereupon the officer the power plant will disable automatic dialing system found The first phone calls: The first phone calls were made through officials working at power plants .

Officials want to talk to the caller and the person who took the phone numbers , plugs and switches establishes the connection was through . 1902: Airborne radio waves to send messages to take advantage of the young Italian who came to believe mucid Marconi, in 1894 it was able to do in a room . Eight years later, 4,800 miles away from the radio signals sent out to the Atlantic Ocean . 20 years in radio who has created such a big meet up at the Marconi has introduced a new system would also provide the opportunity to communicate uninterrupted sea and on land .

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