Inventory System

1 January 2017

Background of the Study Technology has taken a big leap forward in 21st century, with computer programs, electronics upgrading by the month & even by the day. Technology has influenced & greatly simplified almost in every aspect of a student’s life today. It is amazing what technology has done to our society and how dependent we have become on it. Nowadays there are so many companies using technical system to improve the quality of service of their company, but there are some companies still using manual computing for their product inventory like the Renz Trading.

One of our group mates, her family is engage in a business which trades a Fire Extinguisher. In that case, it’s easy for the group to gather information from the said chosen company, to perform a new system, for its betterment. The group decided to work it out to find a system that will truly help the company. We noticed that some of their clients were not aware how important to know when will the fire extinguisher will expires, it is for their own safety. So we decided to add a system that will notify (via SMS) our clients or users that their purchased fire extinguisher will be expired one year after purchased and must be refilled again.

Inventory System Essay Example

And also to develop a computerized inventory system for Renz Trading which could help the operation of the company. 1. 3. 2 Specific Objectives The following objectives that the researcher would like to achieve. • Reduce Effort. In calculating the income gain by the Renz Trading because the system will provide a report that if the company is earning from its expenses. • Respond to trends faster. Nowadays, technology is much needed in the society that’s why the group aims to help Renz Trading to go with the trends by using computerized system. • Improve Customer Service.

In part of the system, fast transaction will be given. • Reduce Cost Risk. The system also aims to have a monetary increase in their business. • Accuracy of Sales Income. So like instant when the system is done, because it will provide a report about the sales income of the Renz Trading. • Inform Client. By the use of SMS Notification which is part of the system. 1. 4 Significance of the study This section will provide brief description on the various significances of the study given the three categories Educational, Technological and Economic. To Company.

The proposed system is important to the company because it will benefit them in terms of easy business transaction in their customers, recording their sales and monitoring their product. • To Proponents. This proposed system is the most significance to the proponents in which overcoming the problems and analyzing things with the programs and data’s we’ve acquired. It feeds the proponents the experience and knowledge in which they can apply for the future jobs they indulge with. • To Future Researchers.

The future researchers can benefit this study in order to provide them a broad ideas and knowledge to gather information about the sales and inventory with SMS notification. 1. 5 Scope and Limitation 1. 5. 1 Scope of the study The proposed study is about the Sales and Inventory System with SMS Notification of fire extinguisher for Renz Trading. The proposed system has the capability to track, monitor and gives an alert if a specific product reaches the minimum allowance stock amount and it notify a server if the product is going to expired.

A search index is also added for the users to easily track their client that need to be informed about the expiration of the purchased product, so that the client will know if they will need to replenish their purchased fire extinguisher or just buy a new one. Login account for different users will be created for database security purpose. The users that can access the system are the Owner and the Accounting clerk. The system can also provide a hard copy of daily, monthly, yearly reports; the data gathered from the users are automatically recorded on the database. 1. 5. 2 Limitation of the Study

The system only handles about the sales reporting and inventory with the SMS Notification. The owner will input some needed information that will process inside the system. The Serial No. of the Fire Extinguisher which is stick onto the tank and also the date of done product made. So that, the system can notifies the Renz Trading clients. Delivering of products to customer is not part of the system. The system will print out reports if asked by the owner and of course having human intervention. 1. 6 Definition of Terms Inventory – is primarily about specifying the shape and percentage of stocked goods.

It is required at different locations within a facility or within many locations of a supply network to precede the regular and planned course of production and stock of materials. Revenue – is income that a company receives from its normal business activities, usually from the sale of goods and services to customers. SMS – Short Message Service (SMS) is a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text messages between fixed line and mobile phone devices.

Notification – The act or an instance of notifying, or to inform by means of word or a letter. Sales – is the act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation, it is an act of completion of a commercial activity. Clients– a person, company, or organization that uses the professional services of another. Admin –is a person employed to maintain and operate a computer system and/or network. System administrators may be members of an Information Technology (IT) or Electronics and Communication Engineering department. System – whole compounded of several parts or members, is a set of interacting or interdependent components forming an integrated whole.

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