Inventory System of Fruitas Ice Candy Company Essay Sample

8 August 2017

Through man’s cognition and creativeness. the universe has been changed. from the prehistoric tools of the primitive adult male up to the modern machineries. the promotion in engineering and the state-of-the-art hardware and package that adult male uses today. makes our community march onward in an expeditious civilisation and industrialisation. The universe we live in has been transformed vastly with the coming used of the information. At this clip. about every facet of the human life is influenced by the rapid promotion of engineering supplying us with the fresh chances and fresh challenges at the same clip. This is manifested in all sectors of the economic system: communicating. instruction. wellness services. amusement. finance. publication. retailing. and other countries. Indeed. information engineering has made the unerasable grade in our lives. doing mundane life possible without it. Computerization is fundamentally concerned with the mechanization of undertaking utilizing computer-based information system. This procedure with the people involved in making a certain undertaking. which being replaced by peculiar machineries.

Computerization would besides intend less attempt exerted. sine manual can be done in shorter span of clip. In today’s turning market many concerns are turning toward automated systems to execute their mundane undertakings. Automated systems can replace the cost and clip consuming procedures that were one time completed by manus while supplying companies with more accurate informations. One machine-controlled system that is going more popular is the machine-controlled stock list system. This system is used to track the ware and goods of retail shops. food market shops. hardware shops. etc. In this paper the advocates will discourse the background of machine-controlled stock list systems. including what they are. how they work and what type of informations and information that they provide for concerns. They will besides give some illustrations of companies that have automated stock list systems and how they have changed their concern. They will supply the advantages and disadvantages of machine-controlled stock list systems and the affect they can hold on a businesses’ growing and competitory border. .

Inventory System of Fruitas Ice Candy Company Essay Sample Essay Example

Chapter 1


A. Background of the Study
Fruitas Group aims to tag its tenth day of remembrance in the local nutrient cart industry by opening its five-hundredth shop in the state. Fruitas Group. the taking company in the local nutrient cart industry. could really good be doing history in a affair of months. As the company behind such successful trade names as Fruitas. Black Pearl. Tea-rrific! . Buko Loco. The Mango Farm. among many others. tag its decade-long reign in the market. Fruitas is pitching up to make a bigger milepost: that is. opening its five-hundredth shop in the state. Fruitas is proof that a proudly Filipino-owned company can be regarded as world-class and a leader in the nutrient cart industry. The concern finally did turn. In fact it grew over ten-fold. Fruitas now has 477 “profitable” shops countrywide. and the figures. harmonizing to Lester. won’t stop anytime shortly.

B. Statement of the Problem
There are a figure of jobs that can do mayhem with stock list direction. Some happen more often than others. Here are some of the more common jobs with stock list systems. * Unqualified employees in charge of stock list.

* Not placing deficits in front of clip.
* Excessive stock list in stock and unable to travel it rapidly plenty. * Computer appraisal of stock list points for sale is inaccurate. * Items in-stock gets misplaced.
* Not maintaining up with the lifting monetary value of natural stuffs. The company is presently confronting this job and decided along the manner to upgrade the manual system that they are presently utilizing.

C. Objective of the Study
Inventory is basically no less than money stored by your concern. Companies must pull off and supervise this plus to avoid a broad assortment of dearly-won and potentially annihilating jobs. An stock list system that includes rhythm numeration. one-year or semi-annual stock list cheques. and implementing security cheques will greatly cut down or extinguish inventory shrinking.

D. Significance of the Study
The Inventory System will assist the fruitas for maintaining path of its gross revenues and stocks. The system made easy for the teller to utilize and salvage clip. The cashier/owner will non holding a difficult clip ciphering big measure of points when a client bargain and he doesn’t demand to look into the item’s list for the item’s monetary value. The teller can seek the points handiness. The system will supply studies of the gross revenues in a twenty-four hours or monthly. For the clients. they will acquire the exact alteration when purchasing big measure of points. They don’t have to wait for the Cashier/Owner in calculating their purchased because the system will automatically calculate the input points. They don’t have to wait for the cashier/owner in looking for the points needed because the system will supply the information of the points handiness.

E. Scope and Limitations of the Study
This survey focuses on Inventory System. It is intended to be used by the gross revenues company to assist do their work easier in finding mileposts in footings of gross revenues and do good determinations to do company’s processes more organized. efficient and profitable. Scope

The range of an stock list system considers which needs the stock list system addresses. These include valuing the stock list. mensurating the alteration in stock list and planning for future stock list degrees. The value of the stock list at the terminal of each period provides a footing for fiscal coverage on the balance sheet. Measuring the alteration in stock list allows the company to find the cost of stock list sold during the period. The stock list degree and alterations allow the company to program for future stock list demands.

The chief restrictions or disadvantages of an stock list system are the costs required in puting an stock list system up. and the complexness of utilizing and keeping an stock list system in an effectual manner. * Cost

The engineering and package required by an stock list system can be expensive to buy. install and usage. For illustration. the package used to track what merchandises have been bought. sold and delivered in really proficient. and hence really expensive. In add-on. the engineering used in concurrence with an stock list system. such as tracking devices in bringing vehicles or barcode scanners. are besides expensive. This means that a good quality stock list system is normally out of range of little. new or independent concerns. * Complexity

Due to the proficient nature of the package and engineering used in an stock list system. it can be hard to thoroughly educate all members of staff on how to utilize the stock list system in an effectual manner. In add-on. the instruction procedure can take yearss or even hebdomads. intending that concern can come to a standstill during this clip. As a consequence. although stock list systems can be improbably utile. they can besides be hard to implement.

Chapter 2


In geographic expedition. we find new techniques. new cognition. even develop new substances. appliances. equipment. processes or processs. imaginativeness and accomplishment is employed by the research worker. The trade goods. new devices. services. in engineering are demands of adult male for a better Fuller life which is the concern of the research. These utile humanistic disciplines are the merchandises of the technological environment and the end-user is society in general. The fast turning tendency and invention in engineerings today prompts research workers to carry on surveies about the efficiency of system plan. This Chapter presents a brief reappraisal of literature and surveies.

AstroVision is the country’s taking marketer of games. picture tapes. vcds and videodisk. It has subdivisions in all major promenades in the state. The customized system Astro System will incorporate its buying. stock list. gross revenues and accounting all of AstroVision’s 25 subdivisions spread across the state to its Main Office and Accounting Office in Metro Manila. The JIS ( Jeonsoft Inventory System ) is the 1 who creates the stock list system for the Astro Vision. The purpose of JIS is to supply easier and faster manner to supervise the motion of your business’ stock of goods. It is interactively designed to perchance make the common undertakings done in customary manner. From point entry. releasing of points. stock list accommodation. transferring of goods from one warehouse to another and production. certain you can maintain path of your stock list. JIS uses JibesXP Tools that has been particularly configured with belongingss that would assist you form good the flow of your stock list.

WORLD WOOD Trading Corporation
World Wood Wonder System is a customized package solution made for World Wood Trading Corporation. World Wood is a major importer and jobber of timber merchandises in the Philippines. The system manages the whole concern flow of universe wood from importing. stock list to gross revenues. accounting and bank consolidation.

Chapter 3


A. Beginnings of Datas
The stock list procedure in the said company is used to cipher manually. without any aid from a computing machine. A manual stock list system is updated. maintained and controlled without utilizing a proficient system. This means the concern updates the stock list by physically numbering the stock list points on a frequent footing. Manual stock list systems are clip devouring. as the concern proprietor must maintain path of stock list gross revenues on a day-to-day footing. while updating the system manually at the terminal of the twenty-four hours. * Poor Communication

A manual stock list requires employees and directors to compose down each clip an point is removed from the stock list. If one employee forgets to advert that the last merchandise has been removed from the stock list. a director expects the point to still be available for a client during a sale. Compared with a proficient stock list system. a manual stock list system does non assist the communicating in the workplace. A technological stock list system updates automatically one time an point has been scanned out of the stock list. so all employees in the concern know what is available at all times. * Physical Counts

A technological stock list system provides updated Numberss for the stock list on a day-to-day footing. However. a manual stock list system does non supply any figure. as all Numberss from the stock list are gained through physical stock list counts. One of the troubles of running a manual stock list system is that physical stock list counts must be performed often to command the points in the stock list. This is clip devouring and can be the concern money. if employees must come in to assist out outside of concern hours.

* Daily Purchases
Keeping path of day-to-day purchases is another hard commanding step with manual stock list systems. While technological stock list systems scan the point and subtracts the point from the stock list. a manual stock list system requires the employees to compose down the points sold during a individual work twenty-four hours. This can be a hard undertaking. as one employee may lose the list of points sold or another may bury to compose down a sale. * Ordering Supplies

A manual stock list system does non update at the terminal of the twenty-four hours with updated stock list counts. This means you must travel through the stock list points each clip you need to put an order for new natural stuffs. merchandises or supplies for the stock list. This can be a clip devouring procedure. as you will physically hold to travel through each merchandise box and browse through the points. A technological stock list system can supply you with updates. so you know precisely how many points you have left in your stock list. This means you can look into your stock list and order your supplies from your office desk with a proficient stock list.

B. Description of Research Method
The research worker comes up with the cybernation taking for an tremendous invention and betterment in the bing manual system. The usage of computing machines is the best solution the research worker think that would reply the bing job in footings of operations and maps of stock list. record maintaining and monitoring system for the Fruitas Ice Candy Company. Computerized Inventory System is a computing machine plan that track stock list and creates automated replenishment order. Computerizing the stock list system brings the organisation the possible betterment in truth and velocity through better analysis of stock list tendencies. including the form of processing and recording. Furthermore. immediate consequence will be more timely and accurate information about. point soon on manus. Extra equipment and belongings forces could meet fewer loads. less attempt on treating minutess. and may avoid misplacing or lost of records.

Automated stock list systems play a big function in today’s concerns. particularly the retail industry. This is because concerns want the ability to entree and form informations in a speedy and efficient mode. With an automated stock list system. concerns can trust on computing machines to make undertakings that were one time performed manually. such as stock list cheques and merchandise gross revenues. These undertakings can be really overpowering for concerns to make manually because of their size. figure of shops. and their merchandise diverseness. This can all be changed. though. With machine-controlled stock list systems these procedures can be handled in a timelier mode and besides be more accurate and dependable than of all time earlier. This is a great advantage over tracking stock list manually because normally a concern merely takes a complete manual stock list count a twosome of times a twelvemonth. which leads to a great trade of over and under carrying.

With a manual stock list count concerns try to foretell which merchandises will sell better than others and the location they will sell better at. Although this does work ok. anticipations are non ever correct. which can do jobs if a merchandise doesn’t sell every bit good as intended or a merchandise sells better than expected. With stock list package. concerns can now analyse the information provided to find which merchandises are selling and which are non. The package packages allow concerns to take the guessing out of pull offing their stock list because it makes instant updates to the stock list and besides makes more accurate gross revenues anticipations for the hereafter. When utilizing an automated stock list system a concern can find what merchandises they should buy more of. what merchandises they should non. and how much should be ordered of each merchandise. Some stock list system package will even direct the order straight to the provider one time the stock list degree of a merchandise drops to a certain figure of a peculiar merchandise. This helps concerns go more efficient by increasing their gross revenues while diminishing their stock list supply

The new stock list system connects the stock list straight to their gross revenues so everything is immediately updated. which saves the university clip and money. Because the university no longer has the manual labour of look intoing stock list they have a more accurate history of what points are in stock. Their system is besides straight connected to the Internet. which provides pupils with the chance to buy their text editions online. While Southern Utah University needed to update their schools’ little but turning bookstore. other companies. such as Recreational Equipment Inc. or REI. were looking to automatize their full Incorporation. In the early 1990’s REI had come to the decision that their manual stock list direction was excessively much for the merchandise directors to manage. REI is a concatenation of over a twelve out-of-door equipment shops that sell 1000s of different merchandises. which include bivouacing. boosting. rafting cogwheel. and other out-of-door athleticss ( Santosus. Working ) . Analysts. at REI would physically number the stock list at every shop and find a gross revenues program for the undermentioned twelvemonth. This procedure was clip devouring for the company and frequently inefficient. The consequences of executing the stock list count manually were impeding the analysts from doing accurate gross revenues anticipations.

This left stock list jobs to be spotted merely after they were already in topographic point so they were unable to take preventive steps ( Santosus. Working ) . In 1994 REI decided that put ining an automated stock list system was the manner to travel. That twelvemonth they started with the first stage of their long-run undertaking. which was to put in a package application called E3Trim. The package. installed by E3 Associates Ltd. . allowed REI to hold a more accurate history of what points were selling the best at each single shop. It besides gave them the ability to see what merchandises were being ordered. the daily position of those orders. and what merchandises they had in stock at the distribution centre. E3Trim provided REI with automatic comparings of the company’s gross revenues ends and their existent merchandise gross revenues and performed an analysis every dark to find what merchandises they should buy more of and give a recommendation. If the recommendation is accepted. the order list will be sent straight to the seller via facsimile. With merely this first stage of the new system in topographic point. REI was able to cut their telling rhythm down form one month to merely 14 yearss ( Santosus. Working ) .

In 1996 REI began work on stage two of their automated stock list system. This stage was to put in a complimentary package application to the E3Trim called E3Slim. The E3Trim is a package application to manage the stock list supply of the full company ; E3Slim is an application to manage the stock list supply at each single shop. This system is installed at each shop and keeps an up to day of the month stock list record through a point of sale package. When a merchandise is low the system will direct an order back to the distribution centre ( Santosus. Working ) . Now with both systems in topographic point REI can more accurately track their stock list supply. which allows them to descry jobs before they occur and set up better gross revenues ends for the approaching old ages. Harmonizing to Dan McBroom. REI’s undertaking director. the installing of the E3Trim and E3Slim has increased REI’s gross revenues figures by 3 % while diminishing the stock list supply by 14 % . This package helped them to pull off their stock list in a more efficient mode and lower their costs. In both of the instances above put ining an automated stock list system helped these concerns increase their gross revenues while take downing their costs merely by giving them a more accurate manner to pull off their stock list. Automated stock list systems have many other advantages excessively.

Automated systems are leting companies to. non merely cut down their cost. but besides to increase bringing times and their ability to restock their shelves in a timely mode. This means that clients will non hold to wait for out of stock merchandises. Companies can now be one measure in front of the consumers. These systems increase the productiveness of a concern while diminishing the downtime. which makes them more efficient for a smaller cost. It besides allows them to hold a competitory border in the market. Employees are able to easy trouble-shoot jobs that occur because the package will execute informations analysis to demo the differences between a company’s awaited gross revenues and their existent gross revenues. It besides helps do anticipations for future gross revenues ends. Having an automated stock list system can assist to associate sections that were one time thought to be isolated from one another. Even though concerns tend to believe of the stock list direction. forces. gross revenues productiveness. and client recordkeeping as separate from one another they all portion critical pieces of informations and with the right package it can assist companies see the large image instead than merely the single pieces. In bend. this will let each section to be more efficient in their occupations because it increases the communicating.

One of the biggest. and likely one of the most of import. advantages to put ining an automated stock list system is that helps concerns concentrate on their biggest end. to better the clients experience at their shop. With this package. companies can hold a better apprehension of client demand through the analysis of their gross revenues. With cognizing this companies can supply a speedy bringing of these demands. If client demands are met immediately so this will increase their satisfaction and they will be more likely to come back to that shop in the hereafter. If they have to wait. because merchandises that they desire are ne’er in. so they will seek other agencies of acquiring the merchandises they want. Even though the advantages of put ining an automated stock list system out weigh the disadvantages. there are still a few to be mentioned. One of the most common disadvantages is that one time a company installs the package their employees do non hold the proper preparation or cognition of the system to recover the of import information that they want and need to execute their occupations. This disadvantage does non hold to happen though. by supplying the employees with the proper preparation to run the system they will be able to entree the information they need. Another disadvantage is that the package applications are going more complex in their design. This makes it harder for users to understand and work with the systems.

The complexness and mutuality between sections can besides do jobs in placing where a job occurred. which can frequently take to thumb indicating between the different sections. Another disadvantage that can turn up is package bugs. Software bugs can besides do many jobs because they frequently go unnoticed until it is really big. So repairing the job can be a very clip devouring. Although a few disadvantages do be with machine-controlled stock list systems. they are normally things that can be avoided for the most portion through proper preparation and monitoring of the system. The advantages for an machine-controlled stock list system good transcend the disadvantages and can supply a company with a competitory border and increase their growing as a whole. Some of the chief ways companies can spread out and derive land over their rivals is by utilizing package that helps them to better understand their clients demands so they can in turn increase their gross revenues of those merchandises while diminishing their stock list by acquiring rid of merchandises that don’t sell every bit good or diminishing the measure that they keep in stock.

All of this together helps the company increase their incoming gross while at the same clip diminishing their costs. An machine-controlled stock list system is package that allows companies to better pull off their stock list systems. They increase companies’ productiveness and gross revenues while diminishing their cost and clip spent to carry on an stock list count manually. In the two company examples I provided the add-on of an automated stock list system greatly helped their concerns go more efficient. As engineering grows and concerns expand it is going more and more obvious that holding manual procedures to execute undertakings are no longer to the company’s advantage. If they want a competitory border over companies automatizing is the manner to travel.

In any organisation. computing machine is a necessity. Computerization to an organisational constitution is of import in order to make task easy and expeditiously. The College of Computer Studies ( CCS ) is cognizant that computing machine is an indispensable component to be more competitory presents. They do believe that cybernation will rush the processing capablenesss. gives right and accurate information and studies in speedy mode. However. the College of Computer Studies’ Inventory. Record Keeping. and Monitoring System are still done manually. They could non follow with the latest tendency in verifying. seeking and look intoing each supplies and equipment paperss expeditiously. Record maintaining become progressively hard to manage to an organisation and concern. particularly whom many equipment and belongings entrance to and hereby of equal clip to measure and storage to organisation that’s its proper registry. However. through computing machines and huge databases available presents. maintaining the recording equipment big volume seems to be a natural phenomenon. to an organisation necessitating a proper topographic point to hive away all indispensable information.

Through this spoilage or misplacing records can be avoided. and information can get in merely a click off. Due to this. the research worker comes up with the cybernation taking for an tremendous invention and betterment in the bing manual system. The used of computing machines is the best solution the research worker think that would reply the bing job in footings of operations and maps of stock list. record maintaining and monitoring system for the belongings and equipment of the Tarlac State University College of Computer Studies. The researchers’ would used the undermentioned tools in garnering informations to prosecute their survey: the method of research such as Library System. Descriptive Method and the Systems Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ) . the Beginning of Data which includes-Personal Interview. surfing the cyberspace. Books ( published and unpublished stuffs ) which are critical in using and gestating the design and creative activity of the developed system. In building the developed system. research worker will utilize RAD ( Rapid Application Development ) package technology paradigm to be guided in developing and bettering the capableness of the developed system.

This package paradigm is considered as a high-velocity additive consecutive theoretical account. enables the developers to make a “fully functional system” within a really short clip of periods about 60 to 90 yearss. This procedure is really important to the developer in a sense that systems end product can be perceived in a shorter clip frame. The package may be applied in any state of affairs for which it possible processs and criterions are run intoing in peculiar organisation. The develop system is a possible application system that can be considered as a Business Software for which it contains a big array of database where information stored can be accessed and retrieve. It besides facilitates concern operations that can be used established plans and undertakings for farther betterments of the concern endeavor. The research will be located at Tarlac State University. College of Computer Studies. Romulo Boulevard. San Vicente. Tarlac City. With the aid of the “Computer-Based Inventory. Record Keeping and Monitoring System for the Property and Equipment of the Tarlac State University College of Computer Studies” . such troubles are mostly minimized. and would profit the modules. the belongings and equipment Forces and the whole college as a whole.

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