Investigatory Project

2 February 2017

They are both used in cooking as condiments. According to the past research of the researchers, Allium sativum is effective as a pesticide while Capsicum annuum is one best ingredient in making a mosquito killer. And because of this idea, the researchers planned to combine the two to conduct a cockroach repellent since cockroaches are the most common household pests. Cockroaches have acrid odor that may permeate item with which they come in contact and transmit bacteria responsible for diseases in humans. Having many cockroaches at home is really unsafe.

The researchers want to help the community to prevent contaminated food done by cockroaches in just a simple way, and that is conducting a cockroach repellent. Statement of the Problem β€’ How effective is the garlic and chilli mixture as a cockroach repellent? β€’ Does the said cockroach repellent cheaper than the commercial ones? β€’ Will this cockroach repellent affects the health of a person who accidentally took it? Significance of the Study In choosing this project, the researchers want to contribute knowledge in maintaining good health and cleanliness at home.

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Maintaining cleanliness at home is preventing household pests especially the very common, cockroaches. Once cockroaches invade your house and you’re not able to eliminate them, they will multiply so fast that you will be surprised to see much of them in weeks. That’s why the researchers will make a cockroach repellent to lessen cockroaches or as much as possible, to eliminate cockroaches at home. The said cockroach repellent will be made also to compete with commercial ones. Formulation of Hypothesis )

Since garlic is effective as a pesticide and chilli is effective as a mosquito killer, then the mixture of garlic and chilli as a cockroach repellent will then be effective. 2) The said insecticide is cheaper than the commercial ones because the materials/ingredients will be used to produce this are cheap and are abundant in tropical countries like here in the Philippines. 3) Side effects will occur if the cockroach repellent is accidentally taken by anyone. Scope and Delimitation The study will be conducted depending upon the free time of the researchers.

Since it is a project, the researchers will conduct the said cockroach repellent weeks/days before the presentation. The researchers already made their decision that they will conduct the cockroach repellent at Verazon’s residence. Definition of Terms β€’ cockroach repellent – used to get rid of cockroaches β€’ Allium sativum – scientific name of garlic β€’ Capsicum annuum – scientific name of chilli β€’ condiments – used to flavor food β€’ household pests – they are unwanted animals that cause destruction and contaminated food β€’ acrid odor – an unpleasant acidic, pungent odor

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