Invisible by Taylor Swift

8 August 2019

Whether you enjoy listening to country or pop Taylor Swift delivers in every song she sings. Many of Taylor’s songs are well known and have hit the charts multiple times. Each time “Love Story” or “Tim McGraw” is played on the radio everyone knows the entire song. The fact that her songs are so easy to relate to is what makes these songs popular. It takes quite a singer and person to be able to relate to such a large audience so effectively.
However, there are still those few songs that seem to have gone unnoticed. Recently I happened to stumble upon Taylor Swift’s song “Invisible.” This song is captivating and easy to relate to. I am just waiting for it to become as popular as her other huge hits. “Invisible” is about that boy who “sees right through” a girl and is only looking at the other girl who is “never gonna love him like” she does. This song is so easy to relate to because every girl knows what it feels like to be forgotten and left behind for someone else. No matter how hard someone tries to make themselves noticed, it seems that they cannot be anything more than “invisible.” Taylor shares that she cannot understand why he would ever want to be with someone who “is never gonna see the light no matter what.” Light for Taylor is the difference between substance and flash. Simple things like these examples from “Invisible” are why Taylor’s songs are so accessible and popular.
Even though everyone knows celebrities and performers are just normal people it is often times hard to relate to them because they seem so distant and different. By distant and different I mean celebrities do not live the life most people are used to. Instead, they live a life of fame and fortune. I think that Taylor is easily seen as normal because her songs are about things that happen to lots of people. Taylor Swift will never disappoint.

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