Iona Moon Essay Research Paper Over the

7 July 2017

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Iona Moon Essay Research Paper Over the
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Iona Moon Essay, Research Paper

Over the old ages of my adolescence I personally have felt the demand to run off at

times. I have felt that in order for people to comprehend me a certain manner I must

behave in a certain mode. It got to a point where I merely did non care about

anyone & # 8217 ; s sentiment about myself but my ain. In Melanie Rae Thon & # 8217 ; s novel, Iona

Moon, the chief character Iona idea in the same manner as I did. At one point in

her adolescence she felt that she needed to move a certain manner so that people

would wish her. She besides felt that running off from her jobs was the best

solution. However, in the terminal, she merely did non care any longer. Iona Moon was a

simple state miss. She lived in an stray rural town of White Falls, Idaho.

Her house was located in the state called the Kila Flats. She had three older

brothers and lived with her female parent and her male parent. She attended the populace

senior high school located in town. Iona grew up as a really promiscuous miss. She had the

impression that if she gave the male childs what they wanted that they would wish her more.

The male childs thought she was easy and none of the good? Catholic & # 8217 ; misss would speak

to her. In my sentiment she likely grew up this manner as a consequence of the invariable

molestations from her brothers when she was younger. At first she cared what the

male childs said about her. However, at one point in clip she merely did non care

any longer. She merely ignored what everyone said about her. Equally long as she still had

her best friend Jeweldeen ( who was besides a state miss ) by her side so

everything was all right. Her promiscuous ways got her in problem from clip to clip.

She merely did non care any longer. After her female parent died, Iona became a different

individual. She ne’er liked school but after the decease of her female parent she merely did

non even go to any longer. She failed her senior twelvemonth and did non graduate with

her category. She was tired of being a slave to her male parent and her brothers. She

had much recent towards her brothers for tr

eated her the manner they did. Give her

a Ni to deprive for them and a one-fourth to kip with her, and to exceed it all

off they did non even thank her for the dinners that she made or the manner she

tended to the house. Iona was angry at her male parent. He witnessed how the male childs

would handle her and ne’er said anything. Once in a piece he would give them a

small expression and they would be quiet, but that was all. After her graduation she

decided to pick up and travel. She had no thought where she was traveling to travel. She took

all the food market money and hitchhiked a drive. Along the drive she thought of many

things. She thought of her best friend and she thought of how her brothers and

her male parent were traveling to respond to the fact that she had left with all the money.

She thought about her mother the most. Everything her female parent had taught her

about life. Everything her female parent had done to her while she was turning up.

However, she did non care. She did non compose to them because she did non

privation to be found. She was running. Runing off from all her jobs, organize all

her wretchedness. In her head that was the best solution to everything. The subject to

this novel is adolescence. Everyone struggles through adolescence. In

adolescence people try to happen themselves. They try to happen out their intent in

life and why they are here. Most of all people have many interior struggles. Iona

Moon struggled greatly through adolescence. She struggled to happen her true ego.

She outlook about life and about her ego changed many times throughout the

narrative. She thought she needed to move a certain manner so people would wish her.

Bing bogus brought her felicity for a piece but in the terminal it hurt her greatly.

Even when she went out to populate on her ain she struggled. Populating in a strange

room in a unusual metropolis was non precisely what she had in head. However, she saw

herself as an independent individual and, with all the alone darks she had she had

clip to believe and happen her true ego.

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