iPad case study MIS

8 August 2016

Who do you think are the winners and losers of the iPad’s success? Why ? • iPad can be considered as a disruptive technology because it is achieving success in many fields , specially in media , so many users of normal ways of viewing media are transferring from those traditional ways and start using iPad , so iPad is destroying other’s popularity and success. The winners are the users and consumers because they are finding their comfort when using iPad , and the providers and suppliers of other industries are the losers as they lose their customers who transfer to iPad and leaving them.3- Describe the effects that the iPad is likely to have on the business models of Apple , content creators and distributers. • Content creators in the past believed that the content is not as important as the device popularity but now , they totally understand that they need a high quality content from all types of media offered by their devices , on the other hand , the company’s new goal after iPad is to make deals with each media industry to distribute contents at a price agreed to by the content owners and Apple.

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Mis in action : 1- iPad is powerful and useful in reading books because it allows you to highlight what you need and gives you the ability to take lots of notes. The iPad is clearly best at the latter two tasks, especially the note-taking. And it keeps getting better in that regard: Amazon recently updated its Kindle iOS app to offer several different colors of highlighter ink, making it easier to color-code your notes in a book as you go.

That’s a feature shared by Apple’s iBooks app as well, as both companies work to appeal to the educational and textbook markets , it is powerful in surfing the web as it has the faster browser ever , it is also useful in watching video because of the large screen (10. 1 inch ) and because of the HD screen with millions of colors. The iPad’s shortcomings are : •The screen has too much glare The iPad has the same glossy screen as Apple’s Macbook Pro laptops and iMac desktops.

Unless you’re reading in a very dim room, the glare will be noticeable and can be distracting. Outdoors, even in the shade, the glare is really annoying. •Problems when reading in the sun If you thought to take your iPad along for an outing in Central Park or at the beach, forget about it. While bright and contrasty indoors, the iPad’s screen looks washed out and is almost impossible to view in bright sunlight. •Fingerprints are annoying

Once you’ve used the iPad for a few minutes, among the most glaring shortcomings (besides the screen glare) are the fingerprints on the screen. With a smartphone, you can wipe the screen on your shirt or pants. The iPad is too big for that. We’re wondering what exactly to clean it with and where we’ll keep the cleaning supplies. 2- Comparison between iPad and Kindle tablets. Kindle is better and cheaper compared to IPAD when reading books especially when out in the sunlight. The glare is just impossible.the kindle paperwhite is just like reading a book and you can see the words clearly in sunlight. The Kindle Paperwhite boasts adjustable edge-lighting and a crisp, white E-ink display that enable comfortable reading in any environment. It also integrates with the best eBook store in the businessA Kindle owner can keep reference material, books for pleasure, business manuals and reading material for friends and family on a single device that fits easily into a backpack, briefcase or purse.

E-books are available for purchase and download as gifts, and Kindle book gift cards can be purchased so that a recipient may make personal choices. Bookmarks, highlighting and search features are available on all versions of Kindles. The devices allows bookmarks and note-taking within the screen. When a user turns off a Kindle, the device remembers where the reader left off; when the user turns the Kindle back on, the book is restored to the last page the reader visited. Using a Kindle gives a user access to Kindle-only books, pamphlets andinformation. For example, author Stephen King wrote a novella specifically for the Kindle. Kindle also allows unencrypted forms of data to be stored on the device, such as . TXT files; Kindle 2 and newer versions allow . PDF files to be read.. 3- I would like to use traditional print publications because I’ll be able to copy whatever I want to use later or to give it to friends , it also give me the ability to sketch and highlight on paper and I can write things easily on the pages.

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