Iphone vs android

6 June 2016

Over the years technology has been improving in terms of entertainment, social media, and communication. Today, smart phones are a verification of this improving technology, but how do we decide which one is the better device? IPhone and Android are the latest most powerful operating systems out on the market. There are advantages and disadvantages to both cellular devices, and the ongoing competition will improve the smartphones for years to come.

Affordability and durability are the two key factors when it comes to purchasing a smart phone. Apple and Google have gone head to head on competing for the best products. Most people assume that the expensive device has better durability and can be used longer. Price wise the Android phones ranges anywhere from one hundred to three hundred dollars. In contrast, the iPhone price range is between two hundred to six hundred dollars. Most Android users report that they have dropped their phone multiple times and have not had major damage to their phone. On the other hand, iPhone users state that the front screen display can be shattered easily because of the front screen glass like display, and replacing the screen can often cost more than the phone itself.

Iphone vs android Essay Example

There is a wider range of android phones as they are made by a variety of manufactures. Android gives you the flexibility to choose from many different colors, sizes or distinct features. The iPhone is restricted and limited to one model each year, but recently Apple has now developed two phones with different colors to match your personal preference. Nonetheless, Apple phones have the same features.

While these phones are more powerful and fun than any other smartphone, that fun comes with a price. Any smartphone user will recharge their phone almost every couple of hours. The cellular data network on each phone drains the battery the most, because we use it daily either for social networks or important information for homework. A smartphone without applications is nothing but an ordinary dull phone. The applications are the hub of the operating system. Both the iPhone and Android have app stores which are the Apple App store for iPhone and the Google Play Store for Android. According to recent news, each store now has about 700,000 apps.

Many of the apps are free for both stores, but Apple on the other hand has a reputation for being pricey. It’s also worth noting that Android is still the second option for big companies developing applications. Many applications exist for both devices. It’s logical that the main focus is on releasing and updating the paid applications before the free ones. Each operating system has voice activated assistants which is an app on the android called S-Voice app and the well-known Siri for the iPhone. Siri is admired and amazingly beneficial to all the iPhone users. The voice activated assistants on each device, is an automated assistant that responds when one speaks to it, as if you were speaking to a person.

There is also a free Android app called Robin, which pursues to rival Siri. Both of these devices contain a guided navigation system which help in getting around the local area. Apple Maps which is an app for the iPhone and Google Maps for Android. Google Maps allows the use of Google’s Street View; Apple Maps does not. When using the GPS on the iPhone there have been complaints on how the GPS guides them to an unusual location rather than the original destination. The GPS for Android users is accurate and more reliable to use especially when going on road trips.

Web Browser on Apple Safari for the iPhone and Google Chrome are both fine choices which work well on a mobile screen and offer touch screen capabilities, zooming in for instance is an example. In comparison the two phones have incredibly fast internet and it is basically like having a computer in your pocket at all times. Adobe Flash is available on the Android, and it aids in website where a user interface is needed and here is where Android has the advantage. A function that many people can’t seem to live without is the ability to text message.

Both of these phones contain the ability to text, not just with one’s fingers but by just by talking to the phone’s speaker. This function is beneficial, because instead of a phone call that might take up your time, you can just send a message within seconds. IPhone and Android phones are currently the latest, in demand phones. Some people wonder what the difference between the two is, or if they are just the same. Technology changes every day and there’s always new and different phones on the market. Ultimately it’s the user’s preference on which device they would like to purchase.

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