Irene: a Holocaust Surivor

7 July 2017

Irene was born on May 5, in 1922, in a small village in eastern Poland. She had For sisters called Janis, Myriad, Brownian, and Waylaid. Urine’s father was an architect and chemist. Urine’s mother stayed home all day doing cleaning and cooking. There family was an energetic bundle of people that loved and respected one another. Irene and her sisters would catch hurt animals and treat them in there house until they got better. There family went to church and was raised under there Catholic faith, but eater on turned from God.

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Urine’s education was different than other children were. She went to school with her sisters in a German school and was very well educate. That was her favorite subject in school. Irene was a troublemaker, but listened when her parent’s talked to her. She was very well educated and was moved a higher grade than her sisters. She was enrolled in a nursing school of SST. Marry Hospital, in Radio She was very good in being a nurse and learned many ways for medicine She never finished her work cause of Hitler.

Irene was married to William Popeyed on November 14,1956. They meet when she came to the United States in 1948 was interviewed by him so she can share the story with the world. They weren’t able to communicate well because Irene didn’t know French or English. After the book was released, she meets him in a store and later on were married. Irene loved children, but didn’t have children in her life. Until she was married to her husband. Her daughter’s name is Janis Popeyed Smith and she also eloped this book come to life.

Urine’s career before the war was a medical nurse. Buy, when the war broke up she became many things. She became a waiter; serving Nazi soldiers and were she discovered the Ghetto camps. Later on, she was the housekeeper of a Major. She helped Jews escape and brought them into his house to hide. After the war, she became in interior decorator. Urine’s parent’s meet by traditional boat meeting She became the Major’s mistress She was raped by Gestapo soldiers

She had her first love die in war She never found out about her parent’s after the war Irene was captured many times but escaped by saying she was German She helped Jews escape to the forests Poland and Jews had to risk there life’s to escape from the evil hands of Hitler. It helped me get more knowledge in what Hitler did and used to torture the people. Also, this book can show the suffering and loss of family and friends. This book can prevent the coming of another war.

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