Irish Home Rule

4 April 2015
This paper examines why Irish Home Rule was finally accepted in 1914 and not before, as expected.

This essay looks at why the Irish Home Rule bill was accepted in 1914, and why it was rejected earlier in both 1886 and 1893. The author discusses the political situation of the time in Britain and Ireland, examining closely the major people and parties involved and why they came to the decisions they arrived at.
“The issue of Home Rule and other Irish issues dominated British politics during the late 19th century and early 20th century, but the reason it was allowed to dominate was because the British parliament and population was not interested in Ireland, or solving its problems. Land Acts were passed, coercion failed and welfare support was slow and cumbersome, partly hampered by being a minority group, the Irish Nationalists were always going to find it hard to get the full benefits pushed through to advance Ireland further. In a parliament where the Tories were not interested in Irish issues and the Lords dominated by Tories, the only party Irish Nationalists could gain help from was the Liberals and they were split over the Irish Question.”
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