Ironically, It Is About The Essay

4 April 2019

The moment has finally arrived; the college application essay has found its way onto my computer screen. No pressure. That was total sarcasm by the way. Days on end, I spent contemplating a “unique, and original” introduction to what may be the only chance of “standing out from the rest”. Sure the third grade self would not find much difficulty in conjuring up a topic and introduction, but I guess knowing that one’s future played a fair amount in five hundred words, would add a tad bit of stress.

See, it is not knowing what to write that makes the process complicated. It is finding out how to write it all out and what to specifically say to make everything eloquently flow. That was always the weakness in writing essays. There is difficulty in starting off with the introduction and not knowing where to specifically end, but everything in between is a feeling of substance. Sometimes, I get lost within my own words, straying off topic and getting disorganized. And as much as I want the words to flow gracefully to the reader as it does within my own mind, it does not always happen. Draft after draft, error after error, the goal of perfection can seem intangible at times because there is always room for improvement. Then there are moments of realization that certain parts need to be added or extracted to stress a certain point. Sometimes I wonder how I made it to the finish line. Once reached completion, the “Wow, I finally did it” feeling fills me.

Writing an essay is how life and its situations are approached. The pen is passion and people are the paper. It is not exactly clear how to specifically start off, or how when and where to end. Nevertheless, everything else in between is direction, goals waiting to be embraced, and the desire to reach that “Wow, I finally did it” feeling blazes. It is the journey rather than the destination.

Although I may tend to stray, a wondering mind filled with curiosity and ideas have not gone in vein. Sometimes the beam of brilliance strikes at the most unforeseen moments. For instance, the passion for feeding the homeless has brought a loving recognition for helping people in need. In doing so, I am inspired to join the Peace Corps in the future and create a nonprofit organization that will assist people in third world countries.

I do not have novel literary works published in my ongoing book of seventeen years, but there is recognition from the people who have read my pages. In acknowledgment of character, service, and academics the honor of being in the National Honor Society was awarded. Those who have recognized my works have inspired me to do greater starting with an elite University.

Like the words to an essay, I can only hope that these words serve as the fingerprints that demonstrate an insight into the mind and its desire write on the world.

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