Is EDM a bad Influence on our Youth

8 August 2016

?Electronic Dance Music, also known as the acronym “EDM”, has stirred up a controversy across the United States in the past few weeks. The controversy started at Electric Zoo (Ezoo), a 3-day electronic dance music festival that is held yearly in New York City on Randall’s Island. On the second day of the event, 2 maximal ravers died and 4 were hospitalized due to the over use of Ecstasy (also known for the slang term “Molly”) which immediately lead to the cancellation of the third and final day of the festival.

The club drug “Molly” isn’t new to society but has unfortunately became the drug of choice when it comes to enhancing the experience for some EDM fans. Electric Zoo, like all festivals, has a “Zero Tolerance Policy” when it comes to drugs, but even with a security search of each person before you enter, the drug still manages to get in. With that being said this isn’t the first situation in which fans have died from “Molly”. In the past seven months there has been reports on several other occasions where people have also died from taking the drug during Dance Music events across the country.

Is EDM a bad Influence on our Youth Essay Example

Which brings up the interesting subject of the genre being banned from the United States. Should the United States ban Electronic Dance Music? Is Electronic Dance Music a bad influence on our youth? I am interested in the subject of the issue simply because i myself listen to Electronic Dance Music. Ive been a huge fan of the dance music scene since i was about 13 and since then made it a part of my everyday life. I can’t even go a day without playing some of my favorite songs whether if its in my room, in the car or on my iPod.

I was so infatuated with the genre that i actually started DJing and making electronic dance music on my computer. i spend everyday learning how to make melodies and drum patterns so that one day i could accomplish the dream of becoming a professional like the idols i listen to now. Therefore the issue of banning the genre in the United States has a huge impact on my life. According to blogs and other social networking sites the thought of petitions being created to ban the music due to a few irresponsible people dying caused an uproar in all EDM fans and even in professional artists and Djs.

There are many petitions being place on the internet but one official petition to the Obama Administration has fans skeptical about the reasons of why the creator of the document wants the genre banned. The quote “After the recent deaths at New York’s Electric Zoo weekend. I firmly believe we should ban the manufacturing of electronic dance music. It is turning our children into drug addicts and murderers. ” was placed on www. whitehouse. gov on the first of September. Its amazing how someone could just assume that sounds that go into your ear causes children to be drug addicts and murderers.

The victims who died at Electric Zoo were 20 and 23, fully grown adults who have the maturity and responsibility to make their own decisions and take care of themselves. The victims chose to not only take one but multiple pills of molly which is obviously a horrible decision to make, therefore its on the victims behalf that they overdosed and not the music’s. Drug dealers passing out and selling the drug at these events have a part in it also. In that case if Electronic Music should be banned because its “…turning our children into drug addicts and murders” then rap music should be banned also.

Rappers talk about killing people, gang banging, drugs, sex, and other horrible subjects in their songs and Molly also seems to be a trend in the genre of rap culture too. The following lyrics “Take the blunt, dip it in the lean, then light it, Pop a Molly, drink some orange juice, get higher”, and “I can’t seem to find Molly, Molly, Molly, …. Put it in my drank, you already know.. ” are some prime examples that you hear from popular rappers Juicy J and Tyga. With that being said banning dance music isn’t going to solve the issue of people using the drug.

Since the tragedy at Ezoo, Djs and artists like A-trak, Kaskade and Steve Angello are putting in their input to speak up against drug use while also sharing their stories of being sober and helping spread the idea that you don’t need drugs to enjoy the great experience that is already being brought to you. A-trak quoted “I don’t think we should be afraid to say don’t do drugs” in a recent interview as well as popular dj Armin Van Buuren, “For some reason we have the stamp of drug misuse and I think that it’s unfair,” he said. “It ruins the party for a lot of other people. ”

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