Is education only learned in school

6 June 2018

School influences people in many different ways, such as academic knowledge, social activities, and other students’ stuff. However, the importance of schooling is outweighed by that Of other experiences beyond school, like going to Africa to visit young patient suffering from AIDS, or wandering around the yard in the soft moonlight to gain inspiration of composing songs. How can you seek inspiration through the combination of love and nature can hardly be learned through professors’ lectures, but by using our hearts to feel and to appreciate.Going to the place where people lead a strenuous life as well as experiencing the pain from diseases does help us realize that we should appreciate the happy life we are leading, and to what extent we are supposed to contribute ourselves to the society. I admire Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Princess of Wales, for her visit to Africa during which she shook hands with children who got AIDS and respect her for her ignorance of the royal contentment of her kindness towards the poor, she could have lived economically amply without such care of other arduous people; however, she pursued spiritual intactness which ties her heart to that of all.

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Since such recruits of complete soul is rarely taught in school, we learn it from our daily like little by little.

How to live, which we accumulate from our own experiences outside school is no wonder more essential than make a living, which we are taught in school every day. As a part of how to live, besides taking care of others, drawing inspiration from life also plays an indispensable role in our lives. How to seek inspiration through the combination of love and nature can hardly be learned through professors’ lectures, but using our hearts to feel and to appreciate.Though academic education may teach us math, history, ND how to write papers, it is social education that gives us the tools to communicate with other people. Since each of us will probably live in social communities for the rest of our lives, the latter education is undeniably necessary. Hence, burying our noses in books will only make us into capable scholars, but not necessarily capable members of society. Basically, school is crucial in people’s life, yet not the most important and influential part of human life.

School is a place where we use academic knowledge to better understand the world and sublimate our souls.

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