Is Florida Ready?

4 April 2015
This paper suggests an emergency response program were Florida to be hit by a major earthquake.

This paper takes a look at the emergency services available in Florida and examines whether they would be prepared to deal with a major earthquake. Each service is analyzed for their preparedness, a look at other government assistance available and lists of financial support which would be given to citizens in such an event.

From the paper:

“What would happen if Florida were to be hit by a devastating earthquake? This paper suggests a possible emergency response to such an event. While Florida is as prepared as a state can be (having had a fair amount of practice recently) in responding to hurricanes, it has (of course) relatively little practice in responding to earthquakes. However, some fault lines do lie under the Atlantic, of course, and so Florida is subject to potential earthquakes. Fortunately, while the citizenry here is unfamiliar with earthquakes, many of the basic disaster-preparedness elements that allow us to cope with hurricanes can also be called into play for any other type of natural disaster.

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