Is Google Making Us Stupid?

1 January 2017

Well many do believe so. And even though Google has been thought to make us stupid in a sense. It has also benefited us tremendously. We are provided with a searching mechanism where pretty much anything can be explored in the matter of a click or two. For instance, your research paper can be done much faster simply because Google provides you with all the necessary information. You can have an article in the length of a two pages minimized down to a couple of brief paragraphs.

So does Google make us stupid? It isn’t an easy answer. Google has provided us with a copious amount of resources. Although the reality is that, because of the Internets “shortcuts” we have become lazy readers. If we notice the Internet has been chipping away our capacity of concentration. The more we use the web the more we struggle to stay focused. A lengthy article has to be read and we simply skim through it, rather than reading the entire article. Google and the whole Internet media have been the causation of these dilemmas.

Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay Example

Fewer books are being read; the web has become our societies prime resource. We rely on the web for everything. It’s our map, our clock, our printing press, our typewriter, our calculator, our telephone, our radio, and our TV. The web is pretty much our life in other words. The almighty Google has changed our lives. We have allowed it to take over us. As Stanley Kubrick dark prophecy is mentioned, “As we come to rely on computers to mediate our understanding of the world, it is our own intelligence that flattens into intelligence.

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