Is Gun Control or Lack Thereof the Cause of Violence?

2 February 2019

America is one of the leading first world countries in mass shootings, it is said that “Nearly one-third of the world’s mass shootings have occurred in the United States” Many Americans believe that the problem causing the violence, however there are many flaws with this theory. With the amount of countries in the world America is compared not to other first world countries but to second and third world countries.To many people this is a problem because I was such a privileged country these horrendous acts should not be happening. President Barack Obama said once “ at some point, we as a country will have to reckon with the fact that this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries,” Mass Shootings and Gun Control

Many Americans feel that the lack of gun control in America is the cause of many of these mass shootings. However it is not proven that the gun-control laws or lack thereof in America are the reason for these mass shootings. In fact Mass Shootings and Gun Control makes a good point, that many American citizens have purchased weapons to protect themselves and that typically the type of people who are trying to murder you are not abiding the law in the first place so why would they have legally acquired their weapon. And if we cannot get a rid of the illegally acquired weapons why should American citizens who have a legally acquired their weapons be the ones who are given more strict guidelines. Many believe that the ban of high powered automatic weapons or semi-automatic weapons should not be owned by private citizens. In the case of the Sandy Hook shooting Adam Lanza “Lanza use the rifle to shoot his victims, all of them multiple times, in under 10 minutes. The guns were illegally owned by his mother, Nancy,”a Culture of Violence The fact that he was able to acquire these weapons illegally shows us that the gun control laws really have no effect on people who are choosing to use these weapons in a way that is against the law. Also in the case of campus shootings where almost every student is over 18 and legally can own a weapon this causes a problem. In states where there are concealed carry laws the students on a college campus could potentially have the right to carry a concealed weapon. If gun control laws say legally the students can carry a concealed weapon then there is a higher risk of students carrying a weapon on campus compared to states where there is no concealed carry law. While many teams in high school illegally acquire their weapons seniors in high school who are 18 may also obtain a concealed carry license. Maybe the problem is cool we are allowing still legally obtain and also how we are controlling those who do not legally obtain their weapons. Should such young adults be able to obtain a weapon legally in parts of their lives that can be so stressful too many people? Even though many places may be considered “gun free” zones they do not necessarily have to be, as said earlier many people obtain their weapons illegally so why can’t they carry them illegally. In the instance of a campus shooting m, many schools advertise their schools as gun free zones, however you can never really guarantee that there will be no weapons on the campus. As said by Students Should Have the Right to Carry Guns on College Campuses “colleges fight hard for these “gun-free” zones, wearing them as a badge of honor.” It was also said “but each of these attacks had one thing in common. They all occurred under the same banner. “Gun-free zone” this shows us that the gun-control. I did an interview with campus police officer Lieutenant Steven Turcotte and his words on campus safety were “they might be known to psychologist, but they’re not known to police.”So the problem is not necessarily the gun control laws but it is the mental health of those acquiring illegal weapons.

Is Gun Control or Lack Thereof the Cause of Violence? Essay Example

Having strict Gun-Control laws in America will not necessarily protect the average citizen, but could potentially could end up putting them in a worse position. The people who are the cause for the mass shootings are typically not getting weapons in legal ways, nor do they care for following the law.The fact that America a first world country is mainly compared to second and third world and tis really shows what we have come to, and that perhaps our culture is what is causing all this violence. The gun control laws of America are strong and have very strict guidelines, but our main concern should be the illegally acquired weapons.

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