Is it a Birdie?

2 February 2019

To me it’s a birdie. To others it may be a shuttle or a shuttlecock. But no matter what it’s called, the one thing that these names have in common is that without a “birdie” there is no badminton. The racket is, quite frankly, useless unless paired with its accomplice… the mighty birdie. Whether it be an intense game, or a simple volley, the surge of energy that comes with hitting a birdie can be compared to nothing else. It’s an energy that is present whether the return was a deafening smash or a light touch nonetheless. Playing a game of badminton is just like playing the game of “life”; you never know what’s coming your way, just like you don’t know your opponent’s next move. Sometimes, my own moves surprise me. This element of surprise is a refreshing reminder that life is not a preplanned package: there are options. There are times when defeat is the only option; however, moments like these drive us as human beings to make sure that our next option is only victory!

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