Is It the Kingfisher

2 February 2017

The line “Eyelashes turned blue as the kingfisher’s wings. is an example of simile; she used it to describe the beautiful color of eyelashes that is blue is parallel to the color of the kingfisher’s wings. The line “God is blue” is an example of metaphor which I think means God is peace and the line “It is the bird who greet us” also the “blueness embrace us” are examples of personification because it gives human characteristics to something that is not human. I also notice that M. Evasco use tone to create the type of mood that she wanted to put on to her piece and by this it made me think that her poem “Is it the Kingfisher? must be read in a gentle way. She use shallow but beautiful good words that is automatically set to my mind that it must be read in smooth calmly way.

I take notice to the use of word “blue” in the poem from the start to the end; everything has the description of the color blue and also the repetition of the word “blue” that is being emphasis throughout the poem. I think “blue” symbolize something which maybe “peace”; so it was like the persona in the poem find peace on the island where she was praying.Maybe that is what the persona meant when she says the line “I suddenly feel the blueness embrace us. ” meaning the peace is suddenly come to her, embrace her. The poem “Is it the Kingfisher? ” is engaging the beauty of nature and I can picture the physical appearance of the island that persona is describing. What I like about this poem is that it has a message that has something to do about life with the presence of God. It talks about the beauty of life same with the beauty of the nature.

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