Is Morality Dependent on Religion

2 February 2017

Morality is often referred to religion, as a lot of our laws come from religion; however that doesn’t mean morals are always dependent on religion; as some people believe in autonomy where they believe the principles of morality are based on reason and experience (the morals from society) and not necessarily on religious concepts.

Whereas people that believe in heteronomy believe that morality comes directly from god, so there for is dependent on it.However some people believe points from both sides so think that morality doesn’t have to be completely dependent on religion but does sometimes need it. But if morality was based on religion we would all have the same rules and religion as all religions are different and if this was true then their shouldn’t be any conflict. In the view of heteronomy, they would say that religion and morality are linked it is even linked our rules with such things as the Ten Commandments.Even though some people may argue and say it is just known and is common sense for us to know not to kill, they would say without religions we would not know this, they would go on about how religion makes our society moral as without it, it would be based completely on autonomy, which they believe indicates that people would be able to do what they liked without having to be concerned with the consciences and become deontological.Overall heteronomy suggests that morality is dependent on religion as a guide for us to use to do right rather than everything being permissible. Corresponding to this autonomy and some Theonomy believers would argue that there are negative sides and opinions to morality and its suggested dependency on religion.

Is Morality Dependent on Religion Essay Example

For example a humanist would say “don’t believe in god, have a strong code of ethics, but believe that religion does more harm than good. ” And even Lucretius C. 60 BCE believed that “such evil deeds could religion provoke. This all suggest that even before the Common Era religion brought negativity into society and created conflict so how can such an evil this decide and influence what is right and wrong let alone morality actually being dependent of it. A lot of people believe that if religion wasn’t hear our world would have developed more and be far more peaceful as there have been a lot of holy wars. A lot of religions discriminate against people they don’t agree with, but surely harming and disrespecting others is morally wrong and god wouldn’t tolerate it if he really was omnibenevolence then why would he allow and influence such things.

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