Is music a good tool for health?

7 July 2016

According to the article, “ Is Music a Good Tool for Health “, by Elizabeth Scott, hospitals are using music as therapy to treat different illness, such as depression, pain, movement, and even cancer. First, the author states that research shows faster beats helps with concentration and focus, while slower music calms the mind. However, music has a lasting effect on an individual that is positive. Next, she claims that research also shows music therapy can help with breathing, heart rate, and relaxation.

Lastly, she mentions that music can be used to control chronic stress and anxious. One Idea that I find significant from the article “ Is Music a Good Tool for Health”, is “ Hospitals are beginning to use music therapy to help with pain management, depression, to promote movement, to calm patients, to ease muscle tension, and other benefits. ” In other words, music is beginning to have an important roll for different treatments in hospitals, by helping patients who suffers of different illnesses. One example that supports this idea is when I got pneumonia, two years ago.

Is music a good tool for health? Essay Example

I had to stay in the hospital for like about two to three weeks, but the idea of staying there for that long was already killing me. The first two days were the worst days of my life, I remember how I didn’t even want to eat, and because of that my defense was going down and down, which was not good at all for my illnesses. However, since I had a studio recording I used to make beats, so I asked my brother to synchronize my iPad with some of the projects I have done it, and bring it to me. Once I got it I downloaded a beats maker application named “ Fruit Loops Mobile “, which I was going to use to work with the projects I had.

I started of doing corrections and improvements on my beats, spending almost all the time of my days listening to my music on my iPad. The concentration and dedication I putted to listen to my music every day and make every effect sounds great, walked my mind away into a certain point that I forgot I was not home or I had a disease. The medications I had to take every two hours, the nurse routine of checking my defense every day or having my mother on top of me so I could eat right were not a way to annoy me, as long as I was able to listen to my music I was pleasure to do everything they said.

After all, I left the hospital in only 10 days, which was at least 4 days, less than what we all expected. With this personal example, I proved that music therapy does promote benefits to health. In addition, I found that music helps people to keep a stable behavior and stay them away from stress. I remember when I was in the hospital; there was a lady next to my room who suffered of depression. I felt bad for the girl because nobody was coming to visit her; therefore, she was always crying and screaming that nobody loves her. It was a really sad, I felt empathy for her.

However, that could not disturb my mind, once I started of listening to music I forgot about the world. It is like if I did not heard the lady screaming or crying, all that remains in my mind were waves of melodies from the songs and beats that I was listening to. It was all about the music. In conclusion, I truly agree with the author that music is an amazing medicinal therapy. I prove this with the two personal experiences I wrote down before. Besides a great method of relaxation, music also promotes good health for any person who consumes it at its best.

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