Is My Generation Becoming More Rude and Self-centered?

8 August 2016

You’re watching a movie with your friends and all of a sudden someone’s phone rings and they answer it! How rude is that? Many people make decisions without consideration. What happened with the basics of please and thank you? Our generation today is becoming rude and self-centered more and more every day because of our parents, technology and civil rights. There is a major difference between a choice and a reason therefore whichever one we chose, we should do it with consideration. Parents are one of the biggest influences on their children.

Whatever they tell us to do, we do it and that is one of the problems that make our generation more self-centered. I always thought that back in the old days when my parents were my age that it was when everyone was being well mannered and less rude as today. I would always call them as “the good old days”. Dr. Benet Daveian showed me how there were no good old days and how everyone in the sixties did what they wanted to do and were trying to prove to others how they didn’t need any rules. Our parents were raised to teach us to “believe in ourselves” and how everyone should feel good about them.

Is My Generation Becoming More Rude and Self-centered? Essay Example

My parents personally taught me to become self- centered and not to care what other’s think of me which makes me and my generation become more self-centered as well. As a result of my parents’ influence, it makes my generation become more like them which is to be much more rude and self-centered and do things without consideration. Also in the past year, technology changed the way we behave, learn, and do things. Technology is making us lazier, which leads to poor grammar skills. Dr. P. M. Forni explains how “people tend to go out less, don’t engage, face to face contact due to technology”.

This is very true, because it makes us less aware about what’s going around us and in world. Whenever a new piece of technology comes out, my generation will believe that “I can use it however I want and there are no rules that can stop me”. Technology has changed my generation’s grammar skills because of the new “spell check” and the new abbreviated word language. In the article “Good writing is about more than just grammar” by Mark Mercer, points out that in the last five years, thirty percent of applicants would fail their test whereas it was 25% five years ago.

This shows how since the technology industry is growing, people take advantage of it more which makes them lazier. If computers have spell check, why bother using the dictionary? Because we are lazy, we tend not to care about what or who is around us. This shows how technology has an effect on our social and grammar skills. It made us lazier and because of that, my generation has become more self-centered and rude. In addition, civil rights made us treat others without consideration and it also made us less civil. We treat groups better than individuals, because of this.

In the documentary “Rude: Where Are Our Manners? ”, it gives us an example of a pregnant women who steps onto a bus, a student wouldn’t give up their seat, whereas in her work place, many men would give up their seat for her. Dr. Benet Davetian states that “in recent history, manners and civility become less important to individuals when it comes for fighting for rights. It could be women’s rights, black rights, gay and lesbian rights and many more”. This proves how our generation is being ruder to individuals and how we have more manners to groups.

We are too preoccupied and dependent with technology that we are forgetting to teach our young ones manners that will make them civil citizens. For instance, parents nowadays are busy texting or busy with their work that if their child does something inappropriate or rude, they either don’t notice or don’t bother fixing their child’s mistake. Think of the adult as my generation, we treat others differently when it’s just one person. But if there is a whole group, we would pay attention even more towards them.

Also we all know that a person’s behavior depends on how they were raised and behavior leads to civil citizens. My generation is not treating others equally which leads them to be ruder and self-considerate. Going back to the example of the student on the bus, my generation is becoming more self-centered and not willing to consider other people before themselves and because of that we become more rude every time. We need others first before us and should treat everyone more equal than just to groups. To conclude my argument, my generation has become ruder.

It is because of our parents’ influence, rising of technology and civil rights. There were no “good old days”, we became less social throughout the years, because of technology and we are treating individuals differently. Tanveer Naseer said, “Nowadays, people choose to be rude and people do have a choice; almm can control how they conduct themselves around others”. Everyone has a choice and a decision to act rudely or not. My generation has become more rude and self-centered; the rule is to treat others with consideration.

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