Is Professional Sport Worth Spending Money on?

1 January 2017

There is an opinion that professional sport is not worth spending so much money on. I have another point of view. To my mind, professional sport plays an important role in the life of society. Firstly, watching international competitions unites the nation and develops patriotism, for example when I saw Russian hockey team win the World Championship, I felt proud of my country. Secondly, professional sportsmen set a good example for the young, as a result teenagers start doing sport instead of spending much time in the Internet.

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Is Professional Sport Worth Spending Money on?
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Lastly, sport facilities built for world championships and Olympic Games then could be used by common people to keep fit. However, other people claim that professional sport is expensive and needs to sacrifice much. They are sure that sportsmen do not have a chance to get a proper education and cannot be helpful for the society after leaving sport. They add that sport is dangerous and traumatic and the state has to pay a lot to treat sportsmen after injuries. I strongly disagree with this point of view.

Professional sportsmen represent the country and create its positive image abroad so the state should support them in case they have problems. Besides, sport develops such traits of character as responsibility and persistence and people with such qualities are more valuable for the society than any money. To sum up, there are a lot of people who suppose that it is not reasonable to spend so much money on sport. In my view, professional sportsmen do much for the country and should be respected.

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