Is Reading Fiction a Waste of Time

1 January 2017

Although by reading these books, our imaginations expanded and our creativity grew. Imagination is one of the many qualities of a healthy mind and can help shape the ideas of future generations to come. So what if they are “fake,” so are many other things, including T. V. shows and movies. But people still love all of those things. So why is everyone only picking on fiction books? Out of all of those, fiction books are the most educational. They are definitely not a waste of time and fiction books are suitable for any age.

Fiction books always have a moral to their story, no matter what age level you are reading at. These novels teach us the values of love, friendship, family and many other things. Authors who write fiction books take a real life situation and give it their own twist with their imagination and creativity. Fiction is a way to introduce certain concepts and morals through character choices. In these stories, we may look at certain issues in the world through the eyes of the main characters. Daily, we are forced to face reality and whatever life throws at us.

Is Reading Fiction a Waste of Time Essay Example

Wouldn’t you like to read a novel and imagine yourself in their shoes? Or imagine what they would do in yours? Why should we face reality when we can drift off into a good book? It’s sometimes necessary to escape from bad moments in life. Fiction is great for the mind and everyone should read a little bit more of it. These novels are great for just forgetting what’s around you for a while, relax, and get rid of all the stress. There’s proof that happy people live longer. Even after explaining all the good things that come out of reading a fiction books, there are still some skeptics.

They say that a real lesson can’t be learned from reading a “fake” book or that fiction books take away from learning about real life events. Non-fiction will educate you on the past. Fiction books educate you with new ideas. Fiction books also increase your knowledge and vocabulary. Good authors usually use big vocabulary. So, you will always be learning new words. Fiction has changed lives and shaped philosophies. So what if people see fiction as a waste of time, they’re the ones missing out. These nonbelievers will never experience their imaginations growing, learn valuable lessons, or escape from reality.

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