Is Reality TV worse than other tv?

6 June 2017

In “At Least It’s Not Snobby” By Trace Egan Morrissey, she brings up the fact that many people Joke about reality television, and even call it “trash. ” Reality TV may show some of the worse sides of the world, but those sides do exist, and whether people admit it or not, it is amusing to watch. Reality TV teaches lessons without anyone even realizing it.

It shows the world different morals. Things that used to be ore frowned upon in societies are somewhat more socially acceptable because of reality television, such as being gay. Viewers see a cast member struggling with being gay, and the viewer usually sympathizes. People that are gay can relate, and see themselves as not being so alone. The question still remains; Is reality television worse than other types of TV? An large amount of people would say. Yes. But it In truth could be labeled as worthwhile as any other sort of television, though it does meme to have Its ups and downs. In the “Watching TV And Looking Inward,” Andy Denary writes about how reality television is worthy of our attention. He states, “reality TV is at once a window and a mirror. Showing how real people react and Interact in extraordinary situations,” Reality television is engaging and amusing, still, Denary brings up the point that reality television can make a viewer think in a different point of perspective.

Is Reality TV worse than other tv? Essay Example

When itching these shows, we often think to ourselves, “What would I do f I were them,” “Wow, I would never do that,” and sometimes even, “This is ridiculous. ” The shows get us thinking, and sometimes we are astonished by our reaction. Reality television actually exposes the reality of humanity. These shows, as foolish as some of them may seem, can actually teach and show us Important lessons. That Is why I agree with Denary when he says that reality television is worthy of our attention. Ton

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